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Aug 27, 2008 12:11 PM

Andouille: How long will it keep?

I posted this in home cooking and got not a single response. I figured I was on the wrong board. So here we go agian....

Another great food gift from a friend, some delicious Andouille from the love of my life, Louisiana. I've got some great ideas, but I can make everything at once. How long will this beautiful smoked sausage keep in my refrigerator??

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  1. It's smoked, so should keep for awhile...on the other hand, if you think it'll be a long while, you can wrap it up nicely and put it in the freezer.....

    Hey, you asked, you didn't say you wanted an expert opinion! ;-)

    1. it freezes very well and tastes fine years later

      1. Thanks everyone! This is the information I needed.