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Patina or Sona or Melisse

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Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble trying to decide which restaurant to celebrate our anniversary next month. My husband and I don't eat at "expensive" restaurants too often so we really tend to go "all out" for our anniversary.

In the past we've ate at Providence (amazing), Hotel Bel Air Restaurant (beautiful), the former Dining Room at Pasadena Ritz, and Water Grill.

Patina, Sona & Melissa are on my list to try but I cannot decide which one for next month.

Any experiences at these places would be helpful. What would be your order of preference?

Thanks so much!

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  1. haven't been to melisse yet but definitely go to sona over patina. one of the best meals i've ever had....every time!

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      I agree Sona over Patina. I also have not been to Melisse.......yet

    2. I was disappointed with my visit to Patina. It was on my list of places to go for a long time, so when we had a concert @ the Walt Disney Concert Hall, we went. The food is just okay considering what you pay for it (dinner for two: $250 incl tax, dinner & wine--pre-tip). I much prefer the Water Grill, where service, food & atmosphere all go nicely hand-in-hand.

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        I didn't try Sona or Melisse, but did go to Patina a few years ago. It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't that memorable to justify the cost. I enjoyed Craft a whole lot better, but then I just like great ingredients, prepared simply but executed perfectly. Not so impressed with foams and tall impossible piles of food.

      2. For an anniversary, I would go with Melisse. Much more elegant/romantic than the others and I think the best food of the three.

        1. Thanks so far...my husband and I are big fans of the tasting menu paired with wine (it's the only way we go)! We've been to Patina twice for lunch, the first time was amazing and the 2nd was so-so. That's why I was having doubts for dinner.

          Sona or Melissa...

          1. I have been to all three and adore Sona, really like Patina but am not fond of Melisse. I am in the minority here regarding Melisse.

            1. Absolutely Sona or Melisse, but I would choose Melisse. The quality of the tasting menus are similar, but Melisse feels like a special occasion restaurant. The decor at Sona is a bit too blah. And if you are having the wine pairing as well Melisse is a bit less expensive. Melisse is more French and Sona for my last meal there was very Japanese, oddly. I hope that helps but just to confuse you more I would stay skip both and go to Gordon Ramsey at the London. I have only been for lunch but it was spectacular, the dining room is lovely and the service was perfect. Happy Anniversary!