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Aug 27, 2008 11:59 AM

Quetion re: resto burger

Is this made with pork? Do we have confirmation of this?
Are there other top-line hamburger places in new york that use pork?

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  1. As long as they haven't changed it recently, it is made with pork fatback, and not worth going out of your way for, in my opinion. They changed chefs in the not so distant past, so I'm not sure if they changed the burger.

    Can't think of any other well known burgers that have pork mixed into the meat. Are you looking for assurance that you aren't consuming pork or are you interested in burgers with a pork component.

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    1. re: ESNY

      Assurance that I did not eat pork, unfortunately it already happened. I didnt particularly like the hamburger myself, but when I was told by a friend after I ate it that it contained pork I was somewhat surprised that they had not mentioned that on the menu or when I ordered.

      I've never seen hamburgers made with pork before (or at least not known it if I did), and I would usually think such outlier ingredients would be noted for people avoiding them.

      1. re: ESNY

        One example is the burger at Pamplona, which incorporates suckling pig and chorizo. It's good, but very rich.

      2. I believe the menu states it contains Fatback, but if you aren't big into pig that wouldn't make much sense.

        I personally loved the burger at resto, but I'd be quite ticked if it meant I broke my Kosher/Halal, or just dislike of the porcine flesh.

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