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Aug 27, 2008 11:38 AM

Great Meal at Hamilton Chop House, Durango, CO

I had planned to do a complete review of our dinner last weekend at Hamilton Chop House, but realized when I saw Gil's review, that I couldn't add very much.
I totally agree with his recommendation of the chipotle shrimp appetizer, which is a rich dish of shrimp wrapped in smoky bacon in a spicy burre blanc. The grilled shrimp and scallops my wife ordered, were also a good recommendation. They were perfectly cooked, and it is understandable that this is the restaurant's most popular dish.
Our two teen-aged daughters, who are connoisseurs of artichoke dip, proclaim the offering at the Chop House to be the best they have had. They also enjoyed the pasta Alfredo with grilled chicken, which was still moist in the middle, and the rare Ahi tuna with chile soy glaze, presented sliced in a fan shape, almost covering the plate.
The prime rib I ordered was rare, tender, and especially on the outside edge, had a distinct flavor of age.
In order to give a more complete review, we also sampled the duck special -- duck confit and rare duck breast -- and the black and blue ribeye, from our friends at the table next to us. Both were great.
The desserts, Blackberry cobbler and brownie a la mode, rounded out a remarkable meal.
You are really missing out if you don't try Hamilton Chop House!

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  1. I second [or is that third] your view. It is a bit out of town, but very worth the drive.

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      Many years ago, I was a dishwasher at Cafe Cascade (Tom Hamilton's previous restaurant). He was a good guy to work for, all he cared about was the food, he was totally relaxed so long as very good food was going out the door. I expect he's still the same, and it doesn't surprise me to hear that the restaurant rocks, because Cafe Cascade was awesome.