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Cupcake THANKS and results

I would like to thank the ChowHounders who offered up great suggestions like Miss Needle who suggested Pinisi, stroms who suggested Sweet Revenge, and all the others I have not gotten to yet. I'd also like to thank MMRuth for the idea with her baguette survey.

Also, please know these are just my opinions based on my own personal tastes not to be taken too seriously.

Here's the cliff notes on the first 15 bakeries:

BAD: Out of the Kitchen
O.K.: Ruthy's, Royale, Crumbs
GOOD: Ciao For Now, Billy's, Cupcake Cafe, Magnolia,
VERY GOOD: Chikalicious Puddin', Amy's, Kyotofu
EXCELLENT: Sweet Revenge, Tonnie's Minis, Eleni's

PLEASE got to http://misnatalietastetested.blogspot... for the pictures and complete results

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  1. oh no! I'll the the first to reply in order to apologize for suggesting the bad one! I had found the Out of the Kitchen cake to be moist.

    Glad you liked Amy's - I think they are my favorite. Try a pink one next time.

    ETA: everyone should click on her link just to see the sheer number of cupcakes she tested :)

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      You would have to roll me home after all that testing...Let us know how Bruce's is on 27th street if ou ever get there.

      1. re: kcijones001

        I will take a cupcake break but will peruse many more before I'm done, I'm working on a doctorate here. I'll add Bruce's to the list.

    2. WOW! You ate a lot of cupcakes!!! This will be forming part of my cupcake trail of NY for sure when I visit! I can't wait to try all of them!

      Btw would it be ok to link to your blog on my blog?

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      1. re: iheartcupcakes

        sure can. Also just so everyone knows my refrigerator is still full of 1/2 cupcakes

      2. WOW! Misnatalie - many thanks for this thorough report/research! This is terrific. Appreciate the info very much--my waistline thanks you too! Cheers.

        1. Excellent report! You did quite the tasting! I haven't been to Batch, but your report makes me want to try it.

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          1. re: Miss Needle

            Thanks for suggesting Pinisi they had some great cupcakes. Batch is great, but their cakes and brownies are only ok. They have a really good ginger cookie too. Now I just have to venture above 42 st. to try some more.

          2. No Two Little Red Hens? That should definitely be next on your list...

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              I know I just get a noise bleed the further above 14th street I travel. They are to be added VERY SOON. Maybe even today

              1. re: misnatalie

                They carry them at Balducci's--so if you're open to crossing to the N side of 14th St, you can find them there. Obviously, they won't be as fresh as the ones at the bakery, but they're still good.

                1. re: Lucia

                  I just got off the train and have a great selection from Two little Red Hens, Little Pie Co., William Greenberg, and Dean & Deluca. I will add my results in a few days. First I'm going to the gym

            2. I love that cupcake blog! It's a service to cupcake lovers in the City.
              If you ever get all the way up to 43rd Street, either 9th Avenue or Grand Central, the Little Pie Company has some excellent cream-filled cupcakes - sophisticated Twinkies. And they also make a very nice carrot cake cupcake for those who can take vegetables with their carbs.

              1. you're my hero...hahah..I can't wait to try more cupcakes!! Amy's is my favorite that I've had.

                1. I have added to the review: Two Little Red Hens, Sages from Dean and Deluca, William Greenberg all EXCELLENT. Boy was that trip uptown worth it. Little Pie Company - good. Please see the misnatalietastetested link to see pictures ans full review.

                  1. Try Buttercup Bake Shop's red velvet... you won't regret it!!

                    1. Nice work, natalie! I am a big fan of two little red hens...go up there on a weekly basis for a supply of cupcakes. The brooklyn blackout is fantastic, as are the chocolate with vanilla buttercream, strawberry, lemon, red velvet...really, i haven't had a bad one. Buttercup bake shop is much closer to me and will do in a pinch. Get their red velvet, by far their best. The cream cheese frosting is quite good. Overall, though, i find their product inconsistent and the buttercream frostings disappointing.

                      1. That's really impressive - I'm in awe! To give proper credit though, it was JoanN who came up with the idea that we do the baguette survey, even though I was the one who posted about it. I think a croissant survey needs to be next!

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                        1. re: MMRuth

                          MMRuth, I did a mini-tour of Manhattan cupcakes last July.

                          And almond croissants a week or two ago.

                          1. re: racer x

                            Thanks - I was on vacation so not so caught up on recent posts. Will take a look.

                        2. I found another source for Sage's cupcakes today: Newsbar on University between 12th & 13th st, just a block from a Dean's & DeLuca branch. But you'll pay even more dearly for them at Newsbar -- $4.62 each! (I think they're just $4 at Dean & DeLuca, although I haven't seen them there recently.)

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                            Thanks for the info. It's pretty close to me. I'll have to check it out. I am on a bit of a cupcake hiatus right now though.

                          2. It's a crime for Baked to not be mention in a best cupcakes blog... they're among the best in the city, especially the red velvet with cinnamon buttercream and the mocha. best frosting in the city maybe. also, i tasted a fantastic mini cupcake at that david burke lunch spot at bloomingdales. finally, 'dessert club' (formerly chicalicious puddin') is pretty fantastic

                            1. Is Batch back yet?
                              Am lonnnnnging.

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                                1. re: misnatalie

                                  Is Batch gone? I've been reading MisNatalie's blog in great detail. What a terrific blog! I've promised my son cupcakes for his upcoming birthday party. I'm thinking either Batch or Red Hens. But did Batch go somewhere?

                                    1. re: kathryn

                                      Thank you, Kathryn. I did a search on Chowhound and didn't find anything about the closure. I didn't think to search eater.com. Batch's website mentions nothing. Looks like Batch is still taking orders and they're planning a move to Chelsea and the UWS. Very good.