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Aug 27, 2008 11:05 AM

Chinese food in Southeastern CT/RI Border

With the many Chinese people who come to Southeastern Connecticut to visit (and work at) the casinos, you'd think there'd be some decent Chinese food, but I have yet to find it. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good place within a 40 minute radius of Foxwoods (or Mystic)?

I did a search for Groton and Chinese and everything that came up was for Groton MA...

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  1. Golden chopstix in Gales Ferry is quite good...not very authentic, I'm sure, but very tasty as the Americanized stuff goes. It's not too greasy, they use good quality meats, and their packaging is reusable. All around, I'd recommend them.

    1. I agree, most of the places in the area serve typical mall food-court style Chinese food.

      The only place that I would recommend which is really fantastic is Taste of China down in Clinton. All of my Asian colleagues go there because it is authentic Szechuan. I believe the owner is a husband and wife duo where the husband is American and the wife is Chinese. I have eaten there once a few months ago and I really enjoyed everything I had. It if was closer I would definitely eat there a few times a month. If you have not been, it is worth the drive down to Clinton.

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        I second the recommendation for "Taste of China" in Clinton. We were there 2 months ago for my grandson's 8th grade graduation celebration (just 3 of us; me, my daughter and my grandson). The food was very good and the service was outstanding - they enjoyed helping with our little celebration. I'm looking forward to going back soon. (We drive from Branford, CT)

      2. I forgot to mention, if you're looking for something a little more authentic, there's a place at Mohegan Sun that caters almost exclusively to their Asian clientele. I can't remember the name of it, but it's in the old casino near the bus lobby and the smoke-free slots. They have great chow fun, sushi, several kinds on congee, and even bubble tea. Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but both are good at what they do.

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          Thanks for these tips. I am looking for the kind of place where "Asian colleagues" would go. The place in Clinton sounds great - a little far for tonight, but I'm frequently in New Haven so I could stop there on the way home. I will have to investigate Mohegan Sun's offerings - I thought they ought to have something for all of the Chinese people who are bussed there every day. Other recommendations are still very welcome.

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            I highly recommend the Sigapore Grill and Sushi Bar on Bank Street in New London. Sonny is the chef/owner/host and he's a real personality. There are many sushi items to choose from and his other dishes are inventive and delicious.

        2. Id recommend Peking Tokyo in Mystic.Its off exit 90 near the Mystic Hilton and Mystic Aquarium in a shopping center called "the Factory Outlets".Serving both Chinese and Japanese food,I had eaten there several times over the years.Again we had an excellent lunch from the lunch menu.-Sweet and Sour Pork,while my friend had Shrimp and Lobster sauce.

          Both included a choice of egg drop or wonton soup,and either fried or steamed rice.The total bill with tax and tip was $17 for two people.

          1. Zhang's in Old Saybrook (with a branch in Madison) is definitely worth trying.