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Aug 27, 2008 11:04 AM

Somerset NJ

I will be visiting Somerset in mid-Sept as part of a 2 day conference and will be staying at the Homewood Suites. Is there a good restaurant within walking distance?

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  1. csh- I worked in Somerset about 8 years ago and lived in New Brunswick which is the next town over. I don't recall Somerset having any restaurants within walking distance, unless you are next to the Marriott that faces Rt. 287. That being said, it's been a while since I have even been there but I suggest you try and arrange a taxi to neighboring New Brunswick, there are so many good restaurants there, some pricey but some great values. See what has been posted here on chowhound about New Brunswick and you will definitely find something good.

    1. I have never been to this restaurant, but I have heard good things about it over the years from many. It may be the type of place you either love for nostalgic reasons and/or may hate because it is dated and uninspired. Never the less, it's only three miles from you accommodations and a short cab ride. I'll defer to others who are local or have experience.

      These local legend type restaurants fascinate me. Myself, I am sure I could find something positive in a place that has been around for over three decades......even if it is for a pint of beer.

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        i've given that place 3 strikes and it is DEFINITELY out!
        if you are truly looking for somerset restaurants without going to new brunswick i would say your best choice is on route 27 southbound called Luca's. it's in a strip mall, but once inside you would never know. i think the food there is above averages and they feature an extensive menu along with nightly specials. It is a BYOB but there is a liquor store by your hotel in the cedar grove shopping center that has relatively nice selections

      2. Sorry to say, csh, but there is not much you can walk to in that area. However, a short drive away, down Easton Ave toward New Brunswick, is Chao Phaya, a really good little Thai place.

        It's not much further into New Brunswick, where there are a number of good places to eat.

        1. Great authentic Japanese food. It's in a strip mall with a Starbuck, a gym, and a Wachovia bank. It's probably not walking distance from your hotel though.

          Jo Sho Restaurant
          120 Cedar Grove Ln
          Somerset, NJ 08873

          (732) 469-8969

          1. Jo Sho Restaurant..very good sushi, located close to where you are staying

            Otherwise...head down Easton Ave to New Brunswick where you will find a great many places to is a list, all of which you can google and find more no particular order:

            Old Man Rafferty's good food, casual
            Soho on George St
            Stage Left (expensive, mixed reviews recently)
            Daryl Wine Bar (small plates, great wines, one of my favorite)
            Catherine Lombardi (Italian...some say good...many say overpriced)
            Frog and the Peach (some really like)

            In downtown Somerville is Verve (steaks), good food and wine