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Aug 27, 2008 10:51 AM

Indonesian/Malaysian products in San Diego?

Hi all - I was wondering if there was an Asian grocery in San Diego that carried Indonesian and Malaysian products. I am specifically looking for Torabika instant coffee, spice packets for rendang, and possibly this addictive chili/dried shrimp condiment I've had in New York. I have visited a Vietnamese grocery (Vinh Hung) in Mira Mesa near where I live but they did not have these items. Your advice and guidance greatly appreciated.

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  1. try 99 Ranch. It's mostly Chinese but they have a small Indonesian section.

    1. You might have some luck at Seafood City, since it's a Filipino chain nearby:
      Seafood City Supermarket
      8955 Mira Mesa Blvd
      San Diego, CA 92126
      (858) 549-0200‎
      (858) 547-0110‎

      1. There is a good thread on ethnic markets in San Diego.

        1. I've gotten the rendang spice packets at 99 Ranch. Not sure exactly what else they have. The Indonesian section there is kind of small.

          1. Chai Foods in Escondido carries a fair amount of Indonesian products, including many sweets and drinks that I've never seen elsewhere. Next time I'm there I'll check for your coffee. I imagine both they and 99 Ranch will have the condiment, but can you be more specific about the name?