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Aug 27, 2008 10:51 AM

The Best at Disneyland

Any suggestions for this Friday night; we are staying at the Saratoga Resort. The resevation clerk suggested California Grill.

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  1. California grill is good. make reservations now if you want a good table to watch the fireworks!
    There is another good place in the contemporary called the concourse steak house. Its a little less expensive but food just as good. you just dont have the view. Kinda like eating a steak in a futuristic subway station!

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    1. re: mountdorahound

      thanks for the info. concourse steak house has closed. Calif Grill is sold out so we will probably try Citricio's in the Grand Floridian. thanks again

    2. I think you mean Disney World. Disneyland is in CA. :)

      1. We've enjoyed several good meals at the Raglan Road Pub in Downtown Disney.

        1. Blue Zoo at the Dolphin Hotel is excellent, as is Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge.