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Aug 27, 2008 10:29 AM

Dining Options Near Ford Field in Detroit

We are going to see the Packers play the Lions in September and are looking for a place to eat dinner around Ford Field. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated-- eating and a big plus for parking suggestions for the game.

Thank you.

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  1. Depends what you like--there are a lot of choices. Neat converted diner, with booze, big patio if it's nice, steps from stadium: the Elwood. Sports bar: Harry's, 2482 Clifford. Brewpub oriented toward sports day crowds, decent food: Detroit Beer Co. (Opera House parking structure, clean, well-lit, 2 exits, nearby). Excellent Cuban food: Vicente's on Library St. (good parking lot right next door). Semi-upscale American food characteristic of Detroit: the Woodward, 1/2 block north of Campus Martius park. Numerous places with Greek standards are in Greektown, 500 block of Monroe, also decent deep-dish pizza at Pizza Papalis. To splurge, you could try one of the fancy new casino places, Saltwater or Iridescence. Search this board for reviews--I'd love to try them but don't have the money at this time! For parking I suggest staying away from the stadium and taking the People Mover (50 cents per person) to Grand Circus Park/David Whitney Bldg., 1.5 blocks away from Ford Field. If you're going to Greektown there are garages and lots there, and a People Mover stop. I'd try even farther away, down by the riverfront, where you'll see other places to eat like Sweet Lorraine's on Jefferson (new-style cuisine, often spicy). Look for well-established parking garages and lots; scammers are out there.

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      Thanks for the list. We really aren't too restrictive when it comes to dining. We like trying new places. Your list provided us with a lot of options. I take it the People Mover is some type of a subway like system. I think we may be parking at Renaissance Center, at least that's what the initial plan is. Thanks again.

      1. re: Living4fun

        It's an elevated downtown rail shuttle that runs in a circle. There is a stop at the Ren Cen. There are also several restaurants in the Ren Cen itself: Andiamo (Italian, facing river), Seldom Blues (expensive, good place to watch Detroit's movers and shakers like the mayor, unless he's in jail by the time you get here).

        1. re: Jim M

          Just keep in mind the People Mover only goes in one direction. We don't know why. So if you miss the train and/or a station, you have to make the circuit again.

          1. re: brendastarlet

            but it's a pretty short loop. You do get some nice (and some not so nice) views when you ride.

            and Jim M re: Kwame--we can only hope!!

      2. re: Jim M

        A few miles away, but I heard was really good is Union Street Saloon

        We tried it before a Tigers game, but they don't open until 4:00 on Saturday, so we couldn't make it....Sunday t hey open at 11.

        Greektown is just a few blocks away and where we parked for CoPa (right across the street from Ford Field). It looked like there were a lot of restaurants and Pizza Papalis was suggested by more than one person.

        1. re: Jim M

          Bourbon Steak/Saltwater and Iridescence were both excellent. I posted reviews of both.

          1. re: Jim M

            I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. We ended up parking in Greektown in the casino's parking structure. At first we were shocked when we saw places charging $45 to park. We parked in the structure and it was free, we were pleasantly surprised and shocked at that.
            Ford Field was a short walk away. We stopped at an Irish sounding bar, sorry I don't remember the name. Had a Guinness and on our way we went. The Detroit fans were very nice to us Packer fans and we appreciated the hospitality. Ford Field is a great place to watch the game, especially because the Packers won.
            We walked over to Elmwood for a drink or two after the game. Unfortunately, it was pouring and the patio was closed. We went to Pizza Papalis . The pizza was great, Chicago style deep dish and we had an antipasti salad that was good. The management of the place was rather "snotty" , gave us some attitude. But our server was very good. I guess they don't like Packer fans in the place after a Lions loss.

            1. re: Living4fun

              You'd think they'd be used to the Lions losing by now?

              Glad you had a good time.