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Aug 27, 2008 10:23 AM

On the way cafe, Rye

I had to make a stop in Rye this morning and felt hungry around 10:30 and realized I forgot to eat breakfast. So, I decided to give On the Way Cafe a try for the first time in a few months.

I was surprised how busy it was since most of Rye seems to have packed up and done away for the waning days of August. But locals know a good joint when they find it, and this is a local joint.

I had a cheddar and mushroom omelette with rye toast and my wife had feta and mushrooms. Both were three egg affairs, not overstuffed and well-made. They do toast well and the hashbrowns were good too. My wife had lettuce and tomatoes instead of potatoes and thought the tomatoes were at their August peak. With coffee the check was about $20 including tip. Never had lunch there but looked at the flipside of breakfast menu and it looked good with no surprises.

Well made food, decent price and kicks most diners butts. Less expensive than diners and so far my eggs and toast have been delivered hot. Went to the diner in Eastchester recently with my mother and the Spanish omelette was awful, not hot throughout and the toast was cold and brittle. They also raised the prices without raising the level of food. Plus the server was hostile.

Not a problem at the Out of the Way cafe. Near Rye beach and Playland.

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  1. Totally agree re: On the Way intrepiddiner. We go often and it's generally quite busy but worth the wait. Fresh food, well-prepared, very flavorful with good service. On our first visit they impressed me before we even received our food. It looked to be an unassuming very basic place which is not a bad thing and then I saw that I could choose sun-dried tomatoes as an add-in for an omelet. I was excited. It got even better when after I requested onions in my omelet the waiter asked if I'd prefer raw, sauteed or carmelized - I chose carmelized. It arrived perfectly cooked, looked delicious and tasted even better.

    I hardly ever eat home fries even at higher end breakfasts and brunches because they are usually boring, dry, bland and not worth the calories. Those at On the Way are an exception --- simply too yummy to pass up. They are a moist, flavorful blend of nicely sized, perfectly cooked chunky potatoes, sauteed onions and a solid but not overpowering dosing of paprika providing an appropriate reddish hue and a nice little kick.

    My only concern about On the Way is that too many people will find and it will be even harder to get a table so let's just keep this between us. Sssssshhhh.

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      where exactly is it? sounds like what I've been looking for since moving to the burbs!

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        Down Playland Parkway - as you are headed toward Playland it will be on your right just before you get to Forest Ave. It's not as cozy as my ideal amazing breakfast place that doesn't exist in Westchester would be but quite good.