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Aug 27, 2008 10:23 AM

This weekend in Queens, and need a new food (plus) destination

Okay, I'm going to be in Flushing for the long weekend (tennis, etc.) and looking for some good food destinations. I like having a restaurant as a goal, then going and exploring the surrounding neighborhood (especially if food stores). For example, last year I went to Kebab Cafe in Astoria, walked around the area, and made my way to the Noguchi museum. Made for a great afternoon!

I've been to Sripraphai, Burmese Cafe, and a bunch of the places like Joe's Shanghai in Flushing. Love all kinds of food - the more offbeat and hole-in-the-wall, the better. I've got Rego Park on my list this time. Love to use mass transit, but will have a car a couple of days, so I can go further afield. (Enjoyed DUMBO one afternoon last year.)

1. Any suggestions of restaurants I should check out? Bonus if you can recommend nearby sites to see that aren't in the guidebooks.
2. Any early-hour breakfast suggestions of the ethnic variety? A lot of the better places in Flushing's Chinatown seem to open later than I'd like to eat (i.e, 8-9 am).


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  1. Since you have a car, try De Mole - 4502 48th Ave, Woodside, NY

    Great little Mexican place, but a little too far from the #7 train. Bring your own beer from the grocery store across the corner. I dream of one day eating the flan, but I'm always too full for desert.

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      I second De Mole, but it is quite close to the 46th/Bliss stop along the 7, if you were taking it in from Main Street.

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        DeMole finally got their liquor license, so do not bring your own beer. If you go to Rego Park, for Bukharian stuff, then take a walk down queens blvd towards Forest Hills, and go to Andre's (Hungarian) for the best rugelach on this planet. And then pop next door to Knish Nosh, for their famous knishes. These are 2 unique to Queens spots. All accesible by train, right on Queens Blvd.

      2. Make sure you go to Rego Park either after sunset on Saturday or on Sunday.

        If you haven't done 37th ave of Jackson Heights - it's a nice place to explore. My favorites are La Portena (Argentinian) and El Chivito d'oro (Urugvaian), better yet walk few blocks to Northern Blvd. to my favorite Peruvian - El Sol. From there you can check out Louis Armstrong House Museum: http://www.satchmo.net/about/location...

        1. I have always had tremendously good food at Little Pepper: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/391630 in Flushing, just off Main Street. My favorites are the dried sauteed green beans and fried whole fish, but really we have never gone wrong there. It is a hole in the wall in all that entails -- the loo is quite unsightly, and much of the waitstaff does not speak English...but, oh, the food!

          1. 63rd Drive in Rego Park is a foodie paradise! You're going to love it! Take the subway to the 63rd Drive stop and you're literally steps away from Tangra Wok (GREAT Indo-Chinese), Istanbul (Turkish) or Ben's Best (for the pastrami sandwich). Those three are all on Queens Blvd. If you cross QB and walk down the street (opposite the Sears mall), you'll come to a couple of Polish/ Russian delis/grocers and Bagellete where the MINI bagels are outstanding.
            Turn around, re-cross Queens Blvd., and head up 63rd Drive. There are foodie shops (on both sides of the street) for several blocks---an Israeli dry-goods store, 2 more Polish/Russian delis (TINY, but PACKED full of good stuff!), Jumbo market (Asian foods), even the dollar store has interesting international foods!
            Cheburechnaya is also on 63rd Drive. Be sure to keep going another two blocks---just past the train trestle is another interesting Polish/Russian market with a HUGE selection of fresh, dried and canned foods. Have a great time!