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Aug 27, 2008 10:23 AM

Princeton suggestions

Doing a quick trip to Princeton for work. Any dinner recommendations? I don't really care about atmosphere, just good food. I don't want to blow the bank, though, so probably not the requisite My Parents Are In Town place.

I like pretty much all food. Love seafood, spicy stuff, good pizza and Greek. Points for exoticism! I'll have a car, if anything's a hike.

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  1. Blue Point Grill on Nassau Street has the best seafood (many types of the freshest fish available daily) in town. Their whole greek bronzini will cover two of your loves and they won't break the bank!

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    Enjoy your visit!

    1. There's a good seafood place right on the main drag (Nassau St) that's supposed to be pretty good, but I'm not a seafood person - the Bluepoint Grill. If you like Mexican, check out Tortuga's - but bring cash. I like the Chipotle flank steak there. Conti's is decent pizza, but that statement could start a violent pizza debate on this board. It's kind of a laid back beer and pizza atmosphere. If you want to drive, there is a wonderful new Middle Eastern place in Lambertville called Mustache. It's really tasty, although lambertville is a bit of a drive (take 518 to get there, maybe). But you could eat there and then walk along the canal or river, which is pleasant this time of year. I also like the Masala Grill, but have seen complaints about it on this board. Avoid the Triumph Brewery in town unless it's for the beer (and possibly a burger).