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Aug 27, 2008 10:12 AM

Where to buy De Cecco in LA?

I can't find De Cecco pasta anywhere! I went to Whole Foods, Surfas...where can I find this elusive brand? I'm specifically looking for the bucatini. Westside if possible. Thanks!

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  1. The best price around for De Cecco pasta is at Bay Cities Market in Santa Monica. They also sell it at Bristol Farms, Ralphs , Pavilions & Gelsons. (It is my favorite pasta also).

    1. I think Bristol Farms carries De Cecco...not sure if bucatini is widely available though. I agree that De Cecco makes a superior dried pasta and it's the one that I like to use at home

      1. really??? i've seen it at whole foods. it's also at my local ralph's and vons. used to be really cheap at TJ's ($1.69/lb), but they don't carry it anymore.

        where do you live? it should be at just about every regular grocery store.

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        1. re: Bert

          I've only been to the Whole Foods in BH, and I couldn't find it there. But I'll check Ralph's and Vons/Pavilions. Thanks all!

        2. De Cecco is also my favourite brand...and the funny thing is, you can buy it for <$2 @ Marukai (a Japanese market) in Gardena (and probably at their other locations as well).

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            Yeah! I saw that... they are having an anniversary special with a great price on De Cecco and California San Marzanos!


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              they use de cecco brand pasta at spoon house in gardena (japanese-style pasta dishes).

            2. I think you might even find it at Cost+. It is widely distributed.
              Wms/Sonoma used to carry it, yet don't know its current status.