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Where to buy De Cecco in LA?

I can't find De Cecco pasta anywhere! I went to Whole Foods, Surfas...where can I find this elusive brand? I'm specifically looking for the bucatini. Westside if possible. Thanks!

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  1. The best price around for De Cecco pasta is at Bay Cities Market in Santa Monica. They also sell it at Bristol Farms, Ralphs , Pavilions & Gelsons. (It is my favorite pasta also).

    1. I think Bristol Farms carries De Cecco...not sure if bucatini is widely available though. I agree that De Cecco makes a superior dried pasta and it's the one that I like to use at home

      1. really??? i've seen it at whole foods. it's also at my local ralph's and vons. used to be really cheap at TJ's ($1.69/lb), but they don't carry it anymore.

        where do you live? it should be at just about every regular grocery store.

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          I've only been to the Whole Foods in BH, and I couldn't find it there. But I'll check Ralph's and Vons/Pavilions. Thanks all!

        2. De Cecco is also my favourite brand...and the funny thing is, you can buy it for <$2 @ Marukai (a Japanese market) in Gardena (and probably at their other locations as well).

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            Yeah! I saw that... they are having an anniversary special with a great price on De Cecco and California San Marzanos!


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              they use de cecco brand pasta at spoon house in gardena (japanese-style pasta dishes).

            2. I think you might even find it at Cost+. It is widely distributed.
              Wms/Sonoma used to carry it, yet don't know its current status.

              1. Bristol Farms carries De Cecco - at least their Westchester store does. I've also seen it at most major chains like Von's/Pavillions. However, I don't recall if I saw bucatini at any of the above.

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                  I live in the So Bay and De Cecco is sold at both Ralphs and Vons as well as the higher priced supermarkets. Try Big Lots for Buccatini. For the last few months I have bought it there-as well as Lasagna for $1.08 per box!!! It may be gone but both The Hermosa and Long Beach stores had it...