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What can you guys recommend @Kansas City BBQ - NoHo?

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Going to be dropping by for lunch today, yelpers seem pretty confused as to whether they like the place or not.

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  1. I think the place is great. All the meat is good, but make sure you get beans as your side. Best BBQ baked beans I've every had!

    1. burnt ends sandwich pretty good. maybe grab a patty from Coley's across the street too.

      1. I've been many times. My favorite items are:

        1. Pork ribs
        2. Burnt ends sandwich
        3. Sweet potato fries

        1. i really love the brisket, and definitely the baked beans.

          1. I am happy to report back that I find this place quite good.

            Ended up with the sampler and got the burnt ends, sliced brisket, and baby back ribs.

            The sliced brisket, much to my surprise, was not served in a typical sliced brisket manner. Looked like they sliced them then uh used their hands and broke it all up. Burnt ends served the same way.

            I'd probably opt to get both of those in sandwiches, as that's what they look like they're for. Thought the burnt ends were better than the brisket.

            Ribs came out and were good. Not as tender as I was hoping for, but a nice, deep, smokey flavor. Good spices/seasonings.

            Beans were good, sweet potato fries very good.

            Damage for sampler + 2 drinks = 22 bucks, with enough to make some leftover sandwiches

            1. FYI this place has now changed to BBQ Bar or something like that. More or less same menu, slightly higher prices, swank interior. They've gone for the upscale BBQ model, it's now basically a whiskey bar with TV screens that serves BBQ on the side.

              on the plus side, I find that the BBQ is more or less made the same as before.

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                Right. I saw the press release, etc. go out. or something. Looks scary.

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                  Always wondered about this place and also Texas Best on Riverside. Just moved to SM from studio city so now both places are a bit of a trek (maybe when I drive to Daichan I can stop for BBQ too :)

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                    re: fka kansas city bbq

                    the beef ribs are fine, the brisket/burnt ends are sufficient but that's about it. burnt to a crisp tx bbq offers far superior brisket.

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                      LOL! Thank you!! Are you saying Texas Best burns everything? I wish there was a place to get those burnt ends you see on MVF and DDD. Always look so good.

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                        my comments are for the former kansas city bbq joint only, never been to texas best. kc bbq most certainly does NOT do burnt ends like DDD/travel channel. In fact, when I learned what real burnt ends are I got so fucking mad at kansas city bbq.

                        i'm saying the food truck called "burnt to a crisp tx bbq" offers superior brisket.


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                          Got it! Thanks. My search continues for those ends!!!

                          1. re: gr8pimpin

                            if anyone knows where to find them in California, I'm all ears too...