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Aug 27, 2008 09:56 AM

Lavender cooking?

I LOVE lavender - the smell, the taste, the color. i have a number of favorite lavender dishes to cook (pots de creme, duck breast), and I made the lavender pasta from today's nyt dining section. does anyone have any favorite lavender (savory or sweet) to share? i know there's a lavender cookbook that i've been coveting, does anyone have any experience with it (sorry, i don't remember the name)? Thanks!

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  1. I have made lavender simple syrup, and I use that to flavor things. I find that to use lavender itself is hit or miss. It can be terribly bitter. I grow lavender grosso, which is hardy to zone 4, and it produces large blossoms that can easily be used in cooking.

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      what do you use the syrup in? i was thinking it might be good in margaritas as per the post below - what else?

    2. I've recently discovered lavender in cooking, and am really enjoying it in a spice blend with various herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage), lemon, garlic and onion powders and sea salt and pepper rubbed onto leg of lamb and bbq. Absolutely devine!

      1. I make Laurie Colwin's shortbread recipe and add minced lavender from my garden (I am not sure of the amount - perhaps 1 1/2 t.?) It always goes over really well.

        I haven't tried it yet, but I also think a lavender strawberry shortcake would be lovely. It would be easy enough to add lavender to the biscuits or spongecake and/or the whipped cream.

        1. I was served a lavender margarita and except for the seeds it was lovely. We kept pick them off our tongues. However, I'm sure one could use a fine mesh screen to extract those.

          Make your own bouquet garni, I think lavender goes nicely with lamb.

          1. Here's a link that has several recipes that look promising.

            Also I've heard of making lavender honey by putting lavender flowers in cheesecloth and steeping it in hot honey, then discarding the sachet.

            Of course, there's always lavender jelly.

            Martha Stewart's recipe for lavender salt to make a fragrant rub for chicken, fish, or lamb: 2-1/2 teaspoons dried, chopped lavender flowers to 1/2 cup of fleur de sel or coarse salt. I've meant to make this for Christmas gifts -- maybe this will be the year!