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Aug 27, 2008 09:41 AM

Everyday Portland

My husband and I are in town for several weeks and need some suggestions on budget conscious places to eat. I'm thinking anywhere with entrees to fifteen dollars. Unfortunately we're staying in the convention center area, but we don't mind traveling around the city.
I've read up on the food carts and plan on going to them. And we've already been to Biwa, which was great. Thanks!

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  1. Near the convention center is a middle eastern palce called Nicholas' Restaurant which I think is good.

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      Definitely try to hit Nicholas, it's on Grand Ave. SE across from the yellow Miller paint store. It's great for lunch and dinner and the prices are really low for great food.

      I still really love Noble Rot near SE 28th and Burnside and you don't hear much about it anymore. It's a wine bar with small dishes and good prices as well. Near Noble Rot is Ken's Artisan Pizza which is excellent and relatively close to the convention center as well. If you won't have a vehicle you can easily bus it to any of the places mentioned. There are quite a few restaurants at 28th and Burnside.

    2. These threads may be useful to you:

      There are also several very active Portland food/restaurant websites. Just google PORTLAND FOOD and you'll find them very easily.