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Aug 27, 2008 09:39 AM

Le Petit Conti... review-ish...

AKA Le Continental (resurrected)

Never had the chance to try the original Continental, so I cannot compare with what they had, what the ambiance and service were.

Yesterday, for lunch, I decided to try Le Petit Conti instead of the usual L'Express, mostly because of the terrasse, (and there was some work on the facade in front of l'Express).

Service was good, seating on the terrasse in the shade was ever better.

Food, for a lunch was standard bistro fare, selection of tartare (salmon, beef, horse), carpaccio, soups, steaks, ...

Anyway, decided for the day's special, a good and fresh gazpacho, Carré de Porc (with a funky green mashed potatoes) and a bleuets reduction, cooked nicely.

All went ok, price with a Campari and a glass of wine was around 45$ with taxes and service.

I think that Le Petit Conti can be a good alternative to L'Express ( and even Lemeac or Chez Levesque for lunch)

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  1. I went to Le petit conti a couple of weeks ago and was disappointed. I was a fan of the bavette at Le continental and would go at least once a year to have it. I had learned to live with the bad service you would get. The girl that works at the bar is so bad that it is not even funny. She must be popular with men because on the Saturday we were there, there were only men seated at the bar. I have to say that the bar is fun because of the U shape.

    We were 4 for dinner and 2 of us had the bavette and it was not good. It is usually marinated but it was not and it showed. One of my friend had the lamb shank and it was good. The other one had the contrefilet of bison with a blueberry sauce and it was ordinary, not bad but not wow either. The salmon tartare I had as an appetizer was excellent though. We left half the bavette in our plates and no one asked us why. They don't care for you at all there.

    We ordered 2 bottles of wine and it was sad to see how the waiter could not even pour wine into the glasses. There were wine stains around our 4 glasses. I had a Brazilian coffee and it was very ordinary.

    I must say that they did an excellent job decorating the place. It is warm with the wood and the chocolate color banquette and accessories.

    The owner will have to address the problem with the service one of these days. He does not seem to care about the bad service because people always come back to his place but one of these days, they will stop. I always went back because of the food and the not too steep prices, but I will not be going back soon.