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Aug 27, 2008 09:38 AM

Food Fight Results

Perhaps I'm missing something, but it feels excessively hard to find the food fight results. I ended up using google to find the specific page. Perhaps chow should create a permanent page for where all the chow contests and their results can be held? Or perhaps I just didn't find the right page. Where should I look next time?

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  1. Oh I know! I agree with you, I want to see some of the previous food fights and i cannot find them at all it was throught the miracle of google that i found the macaroni and cheese one but I don't remember the other ones so I can't google those. Please chow! create a direct page with all the results so that I can actually use your site's search engine to find something on your site!

    1. Agreed! Searching for Food Fight isn't very efficient either. Food Fight contributions are so much fun, I would love to see a page devoted to all the creative entries.