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Aug 27, 2008 09:27 AM

Bye Bye Asteroid (SEA)

Best of luck to Marlin on his next venture. I'll be stopping in this week for one last meal. Anybody else?

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  1. What happened? Never really got it going in the new space?

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    1. re: Earl of Sandwich

      The full story is in Nancy Leson's Seatimes column today. Basically 3 times the space didn't generate 3 times the revenue.

    2. The weird thing I got from the article is that is seems to imply Marlin is going to take over Sitka & Spruce... Is that going to move or close?

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      1. re: vanillagorilla

        "he's talking to a successful restaurateur who's looking to unload a little place only slightly bigger than the original Asteroid. An intense, counterculturally conscious guy who just happens to own the building his restaurant sits in."

        From the above quote? Does Matt own the building where S&S is? That seems unlikely to me.

        1. re: Lauren

          Actually, I think the implication comes from this blurb from the Seattle Weekly:

          "Starting local, Nancy Leson gets two scoops this week: 1. Trader Vics closes, to be replaced by a restaurant named Pearl. 2. Fremont's Asteroid Cafe closes, done in by its larger surroundings. When asked if her blind item about the new restaurant space Asteroid owner Marlin Hathaway was negotiating to take over was Sitka & Spruce, Leson only blew electronic kisses."

            1. re: Lauren

              Yes interesting... but super sad if true. I love sitka and spruce and don't want it going anywhere...