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Aug 27, 2008 08:59 AM

Content being stolen from CH and Blogs

Just had a quick question for the masses. For the past few years, i've felt like some of the content being written on our local CH board was being utilized and repurposed by a local reviewer. Lots of facts and information that were all naggingly familiar. I recently started blogging. And have just come across a blatant rip off - where my photo was stolen and cropped, and my entire entry was paraphrased, typos included (and factual misinformation has been added as well).

Now, this site is much larger than mine. And in one way, im happy if they can generate extra traffic for the business i reviewed, as they do a wonderful job of service, but on the other hand i'm kind of choked that my content is being stolen, and represented as someone elses. That was a lot of work that went into that.

What, if anything, can be done about content taken from CH and Blogs? Is it justifiable to be upset that a for profit site has taken my content and represented it as their own? Does this type of thing happen often?

Forget the fact that they've stolen my photos, read the comparisons of the entry at - i've linked to both posts there.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

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    1. re: hannaone

      Thank you. I did check General, and Food News and Media, as well as this board, and didnt find anything on theft. Appreciate the link.

    2. I'm no expert...but I took a good look at both and it appears they *ahem* borrowed rather heavily from your review. I also took a look at each photo and except for cropping they appear identical. What are the odds that grains of salt will fall in exactly the SAME place on two different sandwiches?

      1. I am not a lawyer. But to the extent that they are making money off your intellectual property, it's actionable. I would be contacting a lawyer. At least send them a legal letter telling them to stop.

        1. Have you thought about contacting their ISP and demanding that they remove that content? It's what the big boys do with violations of their copy write on Face Book, et al.

          1. I would definitely contact martiniboys about this issue. I check out their site from time to time but have always viewed them with some skepticism (they seem to be more interested in the 'scene' than good food). This certainly does nothing to help their credibility.

            On the subject of blogs/websites stealing others' ideas and photos, in the vast world of the internet it's incredibly hard to know who's doing it but if you do find someone, they should be taken to task for it. I stumbled upon someone who had copied a few sentences from my blog verbatim but they provided a link to my site so I let it go.