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Aug 27, 2008 08:51 AM

Korean BBQ?

Last summer I went to an excellent Korean BBQ place in NYC (Dok Suni on Lower East Side) and as summer turns to fall...have a hankering for it again. Now, granted, this place in NYC was total hipster/scene...but the food, as far as I could tell was authentic.

Any rec's for the Greater Boston area? I know Devra just featured a place in Burlington (New Jang Su on 3A) in the Globe. Anyone been? Any place closer to home?

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  1. (That's a Sheryl Julian review in the Globe, not Devra.)

    I get to New Jang Su a couple of times a month, and its grill-table dishes are very good (and they do pork belly, which I don't always see at Korean BBQ joints here). Also very solid cham pong, yook ge jang, kimchi jigae, u-dong, and pork kimchi bokum. More here:

    I went to Koreana near Inman Square recently, and it's very good in a slightly Americanized way, bright and cheery and modern. Excellent grill-table shrimp and short ribs, but the ribeye was disappointing on this visit, not high quality and too thinly sliced, almost minute-steak-like. (Odd; it was much better only a couple of months ago.)

    I haven't been back in a while, but I used to enjoy the BBQ at the Apollo Grill in Chinatown. I'm hoping to try the place in Coolidge Corner that has grill tables: Yasu, I think it's called. Chung Ki Wa in Medford has grill tables and gets good reviews here, but I haven't been there, either.

    Anyone know if Hanmaru in Allston is back online yet after that fire?

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      It didn't look like it, when I walked past last night. :(

      I liked Koreana overall but I agree with Slim about the ribeye, it tasted gristly and low-qual. It is a nice spot for, say, a birthday dinner with friends.

      1. re: MC Slim JB

        Just a quick note, I don't think Hanmaru ever did BBQ - they concentrated mostly on stews and soups.

        Chung Ki Wa gets my BBQ vote, streets ahead of the competition - although there is plenty of room for improvement. I never went to the Burlington place but heard good things from trusted people (ie. my girlfriend).

      2. i second New Jang Su.

        just be aware that they don't allow you to sit at a grill table unless you have 2 (or more) grill entrees otherwise you get a regular table and they grill it for you.

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        1. re: ScubaSteve

          Is there anyplace that doesn't require that? I think it's standard.

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            New Jang Su is excellent. There a new Korean BBQ opening up very soon at Washington/Central in front of Cobbs Corner Plaza in Canton.

        2. New Jang Su is the only place that I've ever found in the greater Boston area that's fit to call itself Korean BBQ. If you decide to go, just know that it's set back in a huge parking lot in a random ass shopping plaza just past either a Lumber Liquidators or Building 19 (or both, can't remember). The name on the outside doesn't say New Jang Su - it just says "Korean BBQ" with some Korean characters on it.

          The one thing to say though, at least every time I've been there, the wait staff has sort of insisted on doing the grilling for me.Not a huge deal, but something to know.

          If you find another place that's good, I'm all ears!

          1. Chung Ki Wa in Medford Square is good. They have barbecue at your table tables and those without, too. They also have a Japanes menu including sushi. They have a full liquor license as well.

            Servers tend not to speack English too well, but are always very pleasant and helpful.

            There are usually plenty of Asians eating there which I take as a good sign.

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            1. re: pemma

              DC and I eat at Chung Ki Wa a lot and I think it is very good. The bulgogi is sweeter than New Jang Su but I have had the pork belly and other meats and thought they were very good. Lunch specials are a FANTASTIC bargain and I think they are much cleaner than New Jang Su. I agree that communication is sometimes difficult!

            2. I go to Apollo Grill because it's close. Not nearly as good as most NYC and Flushing places, but fine. The Spicy Pork version is excellent, IMO.