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Aug 27, 2008 08:21 AM

Park City Recommendations

Visiting Park City, and we're interested in the best local dives. Anything from cheap to moderate ... don't need fine dining options.

So far, we've eaten at La Casita (terrible! run by Eastern Europeans that should open a restaurant with their food, and it would probably be wonderful...but the do not know Mexican food) and Zona Rosa (not bad, but where's the heat?) and Easy Street (breakfast was good but expensive)...

Appreciate any help on any cuisine...

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  1. Im not sure what you mean by dives, but there are many good local joints. El chubasco is a mex place(not run by EEs) that is pretty decent and cheap, take out or dine in with good salsa bar. Windy Ridge cafe is a great, pretty inexpensive local spot-sandwiches, breads, salads(i think there is a bakery attached to it as well). One of my fav places for a burger and a beer is no name saloon(on main st.) - outstanding buffalo burgers, onion rings...tasty bar food with a great vibe, cheap and fresh OJ and grapefruit for cocktails, imho not many noon time drinks better than a fresh greyhound. Squatters is a good american diner reasonably priced(in the dan's parking lot). Lastly, you can never go wrong with Blind Dog, but may be a little pricey. Hope this helps

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      Thank you palmdoc1! We found El Chubasco and loved it. The salsa bar is a trip... We'll check out your other recommendations, too. Blind Dog isn't too pricey, but we've always loved checking out local, inexpensive eateries. We tried Taste of Saigon, and thought it was delicious, too.

    2. I was just coming in to CH to ask a similar question. We'll be in town tomorrow through tues, mostly buying groceries and cooking at the house, but we'd love any cheap suggestions, anything on the roads out of town too, we'll have a car. We won't have much money, so we'll miss out on the fine food, but if you can reccomend a good bar or too, we love a good atmosphere.