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Aug 27, 2008 08:21 AM

Hamburger Harry's W 45 St

Reading about Five Napkin Burger in Hell's Kitchen reminded me of this place, Hamburger Harry's, that served a really tasty burger - it was on 45th St a little bit east of 7th Ave. I used to work around the corner but don't spend so much time around Times Square anymore. I was going to stop by tonight to check it out but based on a couple of disconnected phone numbers, I fear it has closed. If you know or remember Harry's as the case may be, can you confirm for me one way or the other? If it's open, it's a very flavorful and expertly cooked burger -- much moreso, I recall, than some of these fancy burgers that get more press.

thx -

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  1. Sorry. The location is now O'Lunney's, a pub.