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Aug 27, 2008 08:15 AM

Boarding Pass 2005 Shiraz

I tried this wine at a tasting last week and enjoyed it a great deal and bought a bottle for my roommate's birthday. I'm not a super expert on wines, but this tasted like a lot pricier bottle of wine than the $32 I spent. Has anyone else tried this wine?

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  1. >>> I'm not a super expert on wines, but . . . <<<

    Trust YOUR palate: the most important thing you can eversay about a wine is "Yum" or "Yuck."

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    1. re: zin1953

      Well said, you are absolutely right. I enjoyed this wine so much, I bought a bottle for myself. As a side note, I bought the Francis Coppola 2006 pinot noir as well and did not care for it particularly much.

    2. I have had this one~ The packaging makes it great for a gift! The local wine shop had a special event Grateful Palate tasting last December. They have some very nice wines~ including Paringa, a sparkling Shiraz.

      1. Funny timing -- hubby and I were admiring this at Costco yesterday! We didn't pick it up (we already had 9 bottles in the cart!) but I was going to check out the ratings online. Think I'll have to get a bottle now!

        1. The wine is perfectly fine, but $32 is a *very* high price for that wine.

          1. I agree, $32 is a high price for this wine unless maybe it was the "First Class" bottling.

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            1. re: Whits48

              I started to feel like a dope for buying this at this price until I looked at the bottle last night. It is indeed the "First Class" bottle. Phew, I feel better.