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Aug 27, 2008 08:03 AM

Twist and Roll Cafe at Brach's

When I was at Brach's in the Five Towns I saw that they were opening a counter Twist and Roll Cafe (A pretzel, salad cafe on Main Street). It wasn't open yet when I was there. But my teenage son was so thrilled. They'll have pretzels, coffee, frapps, etc.

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  1. Where in the store was it? The twist and roll on Main Street had veen advertising a space in Brachs for as long as they have been open, but they never knew when they would go through with it.

    1. Where in the store is the counter? they have been advertising this for the longest time at the main street location.

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      1. re: JS69

        Honestly, cheap prices aside, I wish they would put their effort into having better quality takeout. You would think that they could have some gourmet offerings instead of primarily Eastern European cuisine in their takeout department.

        1. re: moonlightgraham

          What would be an example of "gourmet offerings". Are these items that would appeal to the general public or are these items that would be non-profitable and would result in having to raise prices on other items to offset the losses.

          1. re: MartyB

            I am not suggesting that Brach's offer very fancy foods that would be prohibitively expensive. Even dishes like chicken marsala, teriaki chicken, etc. would be a good start. Brach's should try to expand their menu so that people don't feel a need to have to go to Chap A Nosh to buy certain takeout dishes. Once people start shopping at other stores, the concept of one stop shopping becomes negated, which results in a possible loss of customers.

      2. The Twist and Roll was in the back next to the (now defunct) pereg counter. Does anyone know what happened to pereg there? I really loved that stuff. It looks like they left in the middle of the night because although it's covered by a tarp, the jars behind the counter are all still full....

        1. Went to Brachs today and am happy to report that Twist and Roll is open!!! Enjoy!