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Bouchees Gourmandes: reopening soon!!!

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Just spoke to the owners of Bouchees Gourmandes!

They have found a new place and are getting ready to reopen at the end of September!

Address: 1226 Bernard, near Theatre Outremont. Mile End is getting better and better!!!

Their phone number is the same (514) 845-3663, I would call to confirm they are open before heading up there, as renos always take time.

Still - very good news. yummm, chausson au pomme....

I'll also post this in the Bouchees Gourmandes thread.

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  1. What else is good besides chausson au pomme at Bouchees Gourmandes(I've already tried their chausson au pomme, before they closed at original location)?

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    1. re: BLM

      I have posted extensively on this topic on the "Hidden Gems: Bouchees Gourmandes" thread, but to summarize:

      I love their crepes, omelettes, homemade jams and caramel sauce, their fois gras in a jar (available at Christmas only) their soft caramel chocolate and I think their brunches are great. And of course the chausson.

      Their croissant are ok, but not special. On the other hand, they are an important vehicle to get the aforementioned caramel sauce to your mouth in large quantities.

      1. re: moh

        This is a little aside. I just tried the Pain Dore strawberry-rhubarb chausson. Very tasty! The puff pastry is flaky, crispy, and delicate, and the filling is excellent. I was impressed. I can't wait to compare it to the BG chausson.

      2. re: BLM

        Their palmiers !!

        Best I've ever tasted... I usually find palmiers to be pretty boring and not even worth it... but they really know how to make good ones.

        I'll definitely make the "trip" to Outremont just for this.

        1. re: Glaff

          I take it then that they are the small, sweet, crunchy, caramelised variety. I dislike the large blond/bland ones, and much as I love chocolate, I do not like it when the ends are dipped in chocolate.

        2. re: BLM

          WOW. My husband and I ducked in to this place for the first time today today, just intending to pick up some munchies on the way over to Cafe Olympico, but the impossibly friendly lady managed to charm us into sitting down for hot chocolate and tarte tatin - both of which were utterly, amazingly MIND BLOWING. Especially the tarte. Did I mention I don't like apple pie at all, and usually have to force myself to eat it? These apples were other-worldy - chewy, almost gelatinous, yet bursting with flavour. The crust was equally perfect. And don't get me started on the hot chocolate...

          She insisted we sample the caramel sauce (equally amazing) and let us each choose a truffle to nibble before we sat down. The caramel sauce made me pine for the caramel-filled crêpes we had in Paris...but when I mentioned this in passing, she said (in beautiful French of course) "What are you talking about, of course we have crêpes here! You MUST come back next week, I'll make you some for brunch!" I know where I will be next weekend (and probably the weekend after that...) If you've been thinking of checking this place out, DO IT!! It is worth the trip no matter where you're coming from. :-)

          1. re: anachemia

            Anachemia, I can vouch for the fact that the crepes here are every bit as good as any crepe that can be found in Paris! Their crepes are light and delicate, with perfect fillings. I always think I am too full after all the other brunch items that I have no room for crepe, but the crepes are too delicious to leave behind.

            Also, for fans of Nougat Montmelimar, if you see fresh nougat in the chocolate area, just buy it. Buy it and eat it immediately. It is impossibly fluffy, and the almonds and pistachios are nicely toasted and make such a wonderful complement to the sweet nougat.

            I find myself spending way too much time there, but it is such a lovely place, and the owners are so nice, It is hard for me to resist.

            1. re: moh

              Yay! Thanks moh, can't wait for those crepes! :-) That and the 'croustade aux champignons' I heard her mention to another patron are definitely on my list...

              As for the nougat, I am kicking myself now - saw some yesterday, but didn't take the plunge. Thx for the tip, I'm sure it is amazing & will try to get some next time!

              1. re: moh

                moh, is the nougat as good as the stuff we tried at the chocolate show ?

                1. re: souschef

                  I prefer the nougat from Bouchees Gourmandes, but that is purely personal preference. I like the fluffy texture very much, and the pistachios were very flavourful. The nougat we tried at the chocolate show (if I recall correctly, from Marius and Fanny) is a firmer product, also excellent.

          2. Do they make pithiviers ? I have never seen it in any pastry shop.

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            1. re: souschef

              Is Bouchees Gourmandes opened yet on Bernard? I keep trying to call them but the line is always busy

              1. re: isa1

                We interrupt regular programming to bring you this report just phoned in from Bernard Street by intrepid roving girl reporter moh. Bouchées Gourmandes is on the verge of opening. The owner was there at 10 a.m., dressed in chef's whites. Chocolates are being made -- "the caramel mou is as good as ever" -- though pastries won't be until the big day. While they're aiming for a Tuesday or Wednesday launch, they promise they'll be open by next weekend at the latest.

                1. re: carswell

                  The reports are true!!!

                  They are aiming to be up and running Tuesday or Wed. I would call before heading there just in case they are still running behind. The address is good, 1226 Bernard, right next to the Theatre Outremont.

                  So happy!! I bounced out of the shop, savouring my caramel mou chocolate... and they are so much closer now, I am quite delirious with hunger.

                  1. re: moh

                    They should invent something in your honour - imagine a "moh cake". I don't know what would be in it (maybe Royal figs?), but I do know that it would be decadent !!

                    1. re: souschef

                      I'm imagining something combining their fois gras and their caramel sauce... and about a pound of good French butter.

                      1. re: moh

                        Wow! That is really some combination. The butter could be used to mount the sauce. I could then poach the foie gras in the caramel sauce ..... and change my name to Martin Picard :)

            2. YAY! They are now open for business!

              We went in for brunch today, and I am happy to report the owners are just as wonderful as I remember them! Omelette is still fantastic, crepes also delicious. Today we had the beet salad, carrot salad and a heart of palm salad, as well as a charming raspberry gelee and insanely delicious caramel beurre d"Isigny with our toast. The caramel is very rich and buttery, I had to buy some to take home. They do have a way with jellies and caramels. They also have pots of their fois gras au porto! Haven't yet tried it, but it shall be eaten soon I'm sure.

              Of course, I had to have a chausson au pomme, so I bought one to go. Dense and buttery, with a lovely apple filling which is not overly sweet and screams of autumn. The pastry is flaky but dense, and this is a very satisfying treat. Here is a picture showing the layers in the pastry. So very tasty, I'm dancing just thinking about it and digesting it...

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              1. re: moh

                moh, the inside layers look somewhat uncooked. Is that why the layers are so dense?

                1. re: souschef

                  I'm not sure, as I am not an expert. But I can say that I did not detect an uncooked flavour in the pastry. No raw flour detected, and I hate raw flour flavour, so I think I would have noticed.

                  This chausson is less flaky than the one I had at Pain Dore (the strawberry-rhubarb one). They are definitely different beasts. I like them both!

                2. re: moh

                  Moh, between this report and the one about Cheskies' potato knishes, you're really making me consider moving to Mile End. ;-)

                3. Thanks for the update, Moh! We just returned from brunch at Bouchees Gourmandes and I must say that it was fabulous. The owners truly are wonderful-- so gracious, friendly, and genuinely happy to have people in the store. We managed to spend two hours there, eating and talking to the woman who runs it. The brunch is $35 for two and the food just kept on coming! The caramel sauce on croissant is a treat and a half (although the apple jelly is a close second.) Then there was the toast served with foie gras and also a plate of smoked salmon. The perfectly done omelette arrived next with a quarto of salads (beet, carrot, pasta, and potato.) I almost didn't make it through all that and I had forgotten that we still had crepes to come! YUM. Chocolate-strawberry and totally perfect.

                  Thanks again, Moh. I love this place and will be back often. I haven't even gotten to the chocolates yet. This is a great thing to come to Bernard. I think that they'll do well there.

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                  1. re: picklebird

                    Picklebird, glad you enjoyed it! I do hope they will do well on Bernard, it certainly seems like an ideal place for them to be re-opening. I think their brunch is truly a great deal. How nice they served you the fois gras! I think your description of the owners are being gracious is very accurate.

                    1. re: moh

                      Moh, how big is it? Do you think they could handle a group of 14 for brunch?

                      1. re: UnConundrum

                        It's very small. I doubt they can handle a group of 14.

                        1. re: UnConundrum

                          The place is small. I've brought a group of 7 to the old place. It is just the couple working, so 14 might be a bit much at once. But if you are interested, you could talk to the owners, and if you let them know in advance, they might be able to manage.

                          I believe the $35 for 2 brunch is weekends only.

                      2. re: picklebird

                        Is the brunch available daily or only on the weekend ?

                        1. re: souschef

                          I'm pretty sure it's weekend only, but I don't know for sure.

                          I asked her about the new location and she said that they weren't too worried about it. But I will definitely make an effort to let all my fellow Mile-Ender/Outremonters know about it.

                          1. re: picklebird

                            We asked today and yes it is only weekends, but they do have a lunch and homemade soups.

                      3. Another thank you to Moh. We stopped by for the brunch today, and it was wonderful as others have posted. I'm a big eater, but we both walked out stuffed. Sounds like they make some small changes from time to time. No foie gras, but we got some duck confit :) Unfortunately they were out of the nougat, but she told us when to expect some more, and we're not telling ;)

                        1. I've been there twice and I concur with everything that has been written so far. The woman who owns the place is very friendly, though some people might find her a little overbearing. She acts as if she is your mom all the time, sometimes even telling you what you should eat. But I think this all adds to the charm of the place, and more importantly she really really cares for her customers. She loves what she does, and it shows.

                          I think this brunch is a great deal for the money. It is a meal that never ends and I think you can actually stretch it to feed 3 or 4 people. The food keeps coming and is varied enough to keep things interesting. Anyhoo, I don't want to sound silly repeating what everyone has said.

                          Also, count me in for the fans of their tarte tatin. I am still dreaming about the texture of the caramelized apples. Their softness was almost velvety: them apples came with substance but still retained their finesse. Complete opposite of mushy. I was inspired.

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                          1. re: emerilcantcook

                            What you just said - that tarte tatin inspired me, too! In fact I attempted to make my own this past weekend, mainly to try to replicate the amazing gelatinous texture of those apples. Conclusion: I will leave it to the experts from now on. ;-) (Lucky for me, BG is only 4 blocks from my place...)

                            1. re: anachemia

                              Well, BG is not 4 blocks from me; in fact it is 200km from me. I have not had their tarte tatin, but am intrigued by your description. Why not post your recipe and we can get our collective heads around it to try and replicate the one from BG. I will of course have to try the original before I can contribute.

                          2. I had the pear preserve with the croissant recently - Absolutely delicious! There is cinnamon and other spices in the preserve, and the texture is very smooth. Also, it is not too sweet. I could eat this straight out of the jar. I haven't had a bad jam/jelly/preserve yet. They really make great fruit spreads.

                            I also tasted the Caramel au fleur de sel side by side with the caramel buerre d'isigny. Can I just say that this is akin to being squished tightly on a crowded bus by Taye Diggs on one side, and Smith from Sex and the City on the other side? And you've just hit a bunch of Montreal potholes (bumpdabumpadabumpada)? It's ALL good baby....

                            1. When we stopped by the other day for brunch, I picked up one of their almond croissants. There used to be a little bakery on Saint-Mathieu that made the best I had ever tasted, and I constantly looked for something similar. On the way home, I broke off a corner, and tried it... wonderful, but I was going to finish it before I passed final judgement. Took it back to our hotel room and had to run out for a few moments. Came back and found that the dog got it :(

                              Went back today and picked up 2 almond croissants, and they were great. Dare I say even better than what we had before. The dough is very buttery, and the top stays crispy, almost like there is a coating of melted sugar, but there isn't.... Can't explain it. Simply heaven. Oh, and by the way, they have nougat today....

                              1. I am so happy. We drove up to Outremont today to find the "new" Les Bouchees Gourmandes and had a wonderful bowl of potage parisien (leek and potato soup), the BEST apple turnover ever and of course wonderful thick creamy hot chocolate. I was in heaven. And they seem happy with their new place (that doesn't leak and freeze in the winter). We had a long chat and she was thrilled by the buzz in chowhound (I told her that was how I found out they hadn't closed permanently and where they had moved to). She was genuinely amazed and touched that people were making an effort to find out what happened to them and where they had moved. I told her I wasn't amazed not with turnovers and hot chocolate like they make! We're going back to try the brunch on Sunday. Way to go Chowhounders!

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                                1. re: abaesel

                                  Make sure you're hungry. Good Lord do they feed you!

                                  1. re: UnConundrum

                                    Do they ever! I was just there for brunch last Sunday, and what they call "Brunch pour 2" easily feeds 3 people, maybe 4 if you throw in a few extra pastries. But it is SO good! I went there with some relatives, and they fell in love with the place - now we're trying to see when we can get ALL the family there for brunch to enjoy the delicious food and homey atmosphere. I LOVE that place! :)
                                    Make sure you try the caramel (with the croissant and the crepe too), and the duck confit.

                                    1. re: amelie1980

                                      Now I am sure you've all guessed that I really like this place, but in the interest of full disclosure, I would comment that the duck confit is very good, but not the best duck confit I have ever had. I like it, and I really like the confit de carrots or confit d'oignon they serve at the side, it is a very lovely touch. But the duck can occasionally be dry in spots, occasionally a bit tough. If you are looking for the best duck confit in the city, this is not it. Oh dear. I hope the nice lady won't ban me for life now. I love everything else!!! Please let me eat there!

                                2. Can they accomodate larger groups? Like say, eight people?

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                                    I think eight might fill up almost all of the tables, ok perhaps more than half of it. As far as I remember, they have 4 (or 5 max) small tables. That's it. Perhaps you can call and reserve the whole space?

                                    1. re: emerilcantcook

                                      Oh, it's that small, eh?

                                      I know they do brunch for two for $35. I wonder if they would do a big family style brunch for around eight people? I was thinking of planning something like this with friends and family around the holidays.

                                      1. re: mainsqueeze

                                        We went there with a group of four, and the owner brought everything to the table family style. She also ensured that we ordered different items to provide even more variety. I am sure it will be great if you go there with an even larger group, as long as you can fit in. Give her a call, she is very nice and she'll try to find a way to accommodate you.

                                    2. re: mainsqueeze

                                      From what the nice lady said, there's no problem in accomodating you, but you should call ahead and reserve. I made a reservation for 6 without a problem.

                                    3. I finally got to Bouchees Gourmandes this morning, and had the brunch. Boy, does the nice lady there ever feed you well - too well ! The food was really amazing! Loved the foie gras. The smoked salmon was truly awesome. Amazing value for $35.

                                      Even though I am not a fan of caramel, I loved the caramel with fleur de sel - so much so that I bought a jar. I also bought a couple of apple turnovers and a slice of pithiviers (for comparison as I make pithivers too). They had nougat, and I wanted to buy some, but the lady made me taste some first as she thought the nuts were roasted too much - they were, so I did not buy any.

                                      Really enjoyed the truffles too. The shell was really thin and had good snap. The filling was really smooth and delicious. Can't wait to return!

                                      What an incredibly pleasant lady !!!

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                                      1. re: souschef

                                        I just tried one of the chaussons. I find the pastry a bit heavy.

                                        1. re: souschef

                                          I can understand your feeling on the heaviness of the pastry. It is certainly a rustic style of chausson, not as light and flaky as some I've had. But I still really love it. And the apple filling is really perfect.

                                          I find many of their pastries are rustic and less refined than some pastries I've had. But I like how robust they are, and of course I love that they use butter like it is water. No skimping on fat! Love it...

                                          1. re: moh

                                            Agreed. I like it despite the heavy pastry. Unfortunately I cannot say the same of the pithiviers. When the lady mentioned it, I did not look at it, but just purchased a slice. On examination at home I saw that the inside layers around the filling were clearly uncooked, while the bottom of the pastry was a bit too cooked. This tells me that it was baked in an oven that was too hot - it browned the outside before the inside had a chance to get cooked. I prefer the one I make.

                                            BTW moh, if you do not tell the nice lady about my negative comments, I won't tell her about yours, so we both do not get banned !!!

                                      2. I also want to put a plug in for their cakes! We were having a dinner party and went in on Sunday to order cakes without realizing that they were closed on Mondays. She was still able to give us two large cakes-- a Trois Chocolates and a Hazelnut Praline. Both were beautiful looking and delicious and very reasonable at $20 each.

                                        1. I'm going to try to go there next Sunday for brunch to celebrate the start of my vacation!

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                                          1. re: TheSnowpea

                                            Woo. Got me table for two tomorrow at 11. So if any hounds are around, I'll be the small woman with the tall goateed guy!

                                            1. re: TheSnowpea

                                              Dang, that storm is making it too hard to go out to Outremont and then back for another thing we have schedule. I'm cancelling it for today. Dang dang dang.

                                              1. re: TheSnowpea

                                                Changed our minds when we realised we were utter wusses not to brave the weather. Besides the roads had been cleaned and most folks decided to stay in. So, off we went to Outremont.

                                                Because of the holiday season, her counters had been cleaned out, apart from a few patisseries and adorable xmas trees made of chocolate studded with glacé fruit and nuts. We had planned on purchasing dessert for supper at a friend's, so that was nixed.

                                                On to brunch. No foie gras today, I'm afraid LOL Basically she has a little brunch menu on the board, and you can just have one of those items, ranging from 11$ to 13$... The 35$ for two is offers a small rebate over taking all the individual menu items on that day's menu.

                                                We started off with a croissant served with home-made blackberry jam and the famous salted caramel-chocolate sauce. It came with a fruit plate and a bit of cottage cheese.

                                                Following that, there was a generous portion of smoked salmon with a topping of sliced onion and capers, a small bowl of blanquette de veau, a trio of salads (beet, carrot, creamy endive), and some bread. I thought the salads and blanquette needed salt, but it may be because I'm a salt freak.

                                                After that came a lovely fluffy cheese omelette and she brought a bit more toasted, buttered baguette. At this point, I was getting pretty full -- and she then brought the finale, a crêpe suzette (he liked it, but I felt it was perhaps a trifle too sweet).

                                                Everything was fresh and home-made but nothing bowled me over. Mind you, it's brunch we're talking about here... The omelette was my fave. And the salty caramel.

                                                Of course we purchased a jar of caramel sauce, some Poulain hot chocolate (on a snowy day, hot choc is hugely appealing), and a foursome of marrons glacés to share with friends tonight. I think the jar was 4$ but now I'm starting to wonder. There was no price on the label, and apart from the brunch, there is no pricelist anywhere, which I didn't like, and my receipt was not itemized. Also, she keeps offering café au lait, but that's not part of the brunch, so beware. Let's just say I had a tiny bit of sticker shock.

                                                Overall it's an good brunch deal and maybe I had overhigh expectations. Very very attentive service, but a smidge shambolic. There was a long delay after the croissant and then too much food arrived LOL Mind you, it's the holiday season and people kept coming in to order fois gras au porto and bûches de noël. Lots of habitués: she knows them all by name!

                                                So voilà, our experience. Maybe not as top notch but I'm sure I'll give them another try later.

                                                1. re: TheSnowpea

                                                  I am pretty sure the caramel is $8 a jar. I feel your pain re: sticker shock. It is too easy to come out of there with a big bill if you buy a bunch of stuff to take home. To keep to a budget, I think it is not necessary to order the full brunch. There is a lot of food served with every meal, so unless you are ravenous, I think it is easy to get by with ordering a single item. For example, if you aren't very hungry at all, get a soup. The serving is generous and comes with baguette and lots of butter on the side! Or, I have done well ordering just an omelette, you still get some of the side salads, so this is more filling than it sounds. A chausson and a latte will not be expensive, and it is definitely enough for a light breakfast.

                                                  My biggest problem is I eat everything that gets put in front of me. I perhaps need to stop ordering the special brunch. Better for my waistline, better for my wallet. I am always horrified by the amount of jam and caramel I can put away.

                                                  As for the delay between the croissant and the rest of the brunch, well, I have tried to warn people that this is not a place to go when you are in a hurry. Service is slow.... This is a place to go when you have time for a leisurely meal and want to catch up with old friends. I find this refreshing and enjoyable, it is nice not to have to be rushed out of a place. But I have been selecting who I go there with! I wouldn't take a friend who was in a hurry, and liked fast prompt service at all times. This is more a chill place.

                                                  Brave of you to weather the storm! I spent the day in flannels, and gratefully nursed a small cold which gave me a good excuse to avoid going out.

                                                  1. re: moh

                                                    I suffered sticker shock there, too, but I only had myself to blame as I wanted to buy everything in sight....well, almost everything.

                                                    I had the caramel/fleur de sel/chocolate sauce yesterday with home-made crepes - it was really yummy !

                                                    1. re: souschef

                                                      And you say you don't have a sweet tooth :)

                                                      I have a friend who sat in front of the hockey game with a spoon and a jar of the caramel sauce, and he finished the entire thing. Nuff said...

                                                    2. re: moh

                                                      Yeah I knew it was going to be a bit slow, but next time we'll bring something to read: the Journal de Montréal is not the best read over a leisurely brunch XD I've now decided I need to master that caramel sauce, so I'm hunting for recipes. It looks simple enough to make. We shall see.

                                                      It certainly was the perfect day to nurse a cold in flannels: get well soon! When the husband returns, I'm planning on serving him hot cocoa in my grandmother's special porcelain set that's made to serve just that. I don't use it often...

                                                    3. re: TheSnowpea

                                                      Your overall impression pretty much mirrors mine. Like you, maybe I had overly-high expectations. Been to the two locations(once at original location, & the other time at new location). Some people might be turned off by the owner. I'm still undecided after two visits(I was initially turned off by the owner on my first visit).

                                                      1. re: BLM

                                                        You were turned off by that sweet lady ? I found her very friendly. When we decided that we could not eat everything and wanted to take the leftovers home, she even emptied two of the fairly-full pots into the take-home containers, and she certainly did not have to do that; that was our first visit there BTW.

                                                        moh, I do have a sweet tooth, but not for overly-sweet stuff (can't stand maple syrup or baklava, for example).

                                                        1. re: souschef

                                                          I felt she was a bit too nosy. Keep asking me questions, when I just wanted to left alone.

                                                          1. re: BLM

                                                            OK - there is a fine line between friendly and nosey.

                                              2. I spoke to the nice lady yesterday about January 1, and whether they were really open that day. She said that if people make reservations, then they would definitely be open and be willing to make some special stuff. But she also mentioned that no one has yet made reservations. So if you want to eat there on Jan. 1, best call and confirm, make sure they will be there.

                                                They had a lovely cream of celery soup. I also had the sarrazin crepe with some of the smoked salmon, can't really go wrong with this! The accompanying salads were delicious as always, but the potato salad was a particularly excellent one, I couldn't believe I finished it after all that food, but it was impossible to resist.

                                                They had made in house marrons glacees, and they are good, but not the best I've had. They have some areas which are a bit chewier than I like. I await another batch of their excellent nougat, hopefully they will have some after Christmas...

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                                                1. re: moh

                                                  I will call today...we'd really like to go there on New Years Day.

                                                  1. re: moh

                                                    Thank you moh! My boyfriend and I found the new location (after much dismay Monday visiting the Old Montreal building where we had our favorite crepes last year) and had a fantastic brunch this morning. It was our last day in Montreal that we could go so if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have known it was open or where they had moved to! Bonne Annee!

                                                  2. My wife and I tried to get into Bouchees Gourmandes last Sunday for brunch, but the whole place was taken up by one group. There was one table free, but no chairs. The lady there offered to go to her neighbour's and get chairs, but we did not want to put her to any trouble, so we told her not to. She suggested that we call ahead the next time. I was amazed that she remembered us, even though we had been there only once before - she actually greeted us like we were old friends.

                                                    Had lunch instead at JTM; good, but not as nice as BG.

                                                    1. I was at Bouchees Gourmandes yesterday (Sunday) for their brunch. When I called at 11 am for a 1 pm reservation, the lady said it was no problem as it was very quiet.....where are all the Chowhounders ? We have to keep this place in business.

                                                      There were only two tables occupied when we got there at 1.

                                                      Brunch started with the usual fruit, croissant, and chocolate caramel. Nice, as always.

                                                      They ran out of the advertised shrimp cocktail (yes, I know, how do you run out on a quiet day?), so instead we were offered some green pea soup, which was just the thing for an unseasonably cold day in Montreal. On the side we were given the last two shrimp they had - nothing special.

                                                      Next was a plate of marinated veggies, a plate of duck confit taken off the bone, and the omelette. Really enjoyed the confit. The omelette was nice and fluffy.

                                                      Dessert was a couple of waffles with strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce....the icing on the cake.

                                                      A dozen chocolate truffles in a small bag, and we were on our way.

                                                      1. BAD NEWS CHers. The Economy has a new victim. Bouchees Gourmandes has closed their doors for good. Business just wasn't good enough to continue.

                                                        Yet another mom and pop place down the drains. It is a sad day.

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                                                        1. re: moh

                                                          That is really bad news. I used to enjoy their food, they had a really good brunch on the weekend, and the lady was very pleasant.

                                                          From the thread start date, I see that they were in that location less than a year.

                                                          1. re: moh

                                                            WHAT?!? Seriously? I was just there a week ago for brunch... That was one of my favorite places! And the nice lady didn't say anything about closing...

                                                            1. re: moh

                                                              OH NO! This is terrible news. I am so sad and feeling guilty for not going even more often.

                                                              1. re: moh

                                                                I have given the nice lady my phone number, and asked her if she would call if they reopen someplace. It didn't sound likely. I am very bummed as well.

                                                                1. re: moh

                                                                  This is an absolute tragedy.

                                                                  My husband and I were just in Montreal last November and we stumbled into Bouchees after buying some cheese in the shop next door. The kind woman was so gracious and loving and gave us many samples. We were more than happy to purchase a small fortune in delicious treats for the hotel room.

                                                                  We have talked often and fondly about our Bouchees experience and I am completely saddened by this news as it was on our list of places to return on our next trip to Montreal.

                                                                  moh, please let me know if they reopen anywhere. We owe her a million thanks for her kindness and generosity.


                                                                  1. re: Seth Chadwick

                                                                    Seth, i'll be blowing the horn as soon as I hear anything.

                                                                    I've been trying to call the old number in case I can contact them again. I was hoping to purchase a few more jars of their caramel and jams, in case they had any left. But so far no luck.

                                                                2. re: moh

                                                                  Just another note of sadness. I had missed Moh's post and we walked up Bernard today planing on making reservations for the weekend... I'm depressed. They were great folks and an asset to the city. They'll be missed, both in Canada and out.

                                                                  1. re: UnConundrum

                                                                    That's true, they had all these postcards from all over the world, sent by their customers... I loved that place.

                                                                3. I just wanted to let everyone know that the couple who ran Bouchees Gourmande can now be found at the Plateau Farmer's Market on Sundays (on Laval @ Marie-Anne). They sell their confitures and whole quiches. They are as lovely as ever so go visit!

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                                                                  1. re: picklebird

                                                                    The pear confiture is really really really good.

                                                                    1. re: marblebag

                                                                      What are the Farmer's Market hours? Will it still be open on the Sunday of Thanksgiving (Canadian) Weekend, i.e. 10 October?

                                                                        1. re: SnackHappy

                                                                          I just posted a new thread


                                                                          which deals with Plateau farmer's market, but unfortunately it is not clear where the former BG preserves are actually to be found. Please help locate them from the list I have provided on that new thread.