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Aug 27, 2008 07:35 AM

AllClad Gift for Completing a Survey

I bought an AllClad slow cooker back in the winter. I guess I answered an mailed in a questionnaire (I had forgottoen all about it), that entitled me to a free gift. So I was surprised to see a delivery notice from UPS indicating AllClad was sending me metal cookware with customs duty and taxes owing (I'm in Toronto) of $40.68. I called AllClad's customer service number and they had no record of anything being sent to me and referred me to their rebate number where I left a detailed message. Valerie called me back the next morning to apologize and to say they would refund the duty and taxes by cheque. Nice customer service AllClad!

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  1. Good customer service from All-Clad and yet another example of how Canadian consumers are treated like prey in a system set up to gouge them for money. UPS is notorious for outrageous brokerage fees to ship to Canada -- I suspect that most of your charges are for brokerage fees rather than taxes and duties, since there is no duty for North American-made products like All-Clad. With GST/PST now at 13%, to get dinged for $40.68, you'd have to buy something worth $312.92. I doubt the gift from all-clad is worth that much -- I would guess it might be one-quarter of that cost -- which means three-quarters of the charge would be for brokerage fees. United States Postal Service doesn't charge such fees for shipment to Canada.

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      CookatHome, you're absolutely right. While the pair of chef's tongs and BBQ skewers are very nice, they are not worth $312! As usual Canadians get ripped. And many retailers here are still charging more than U.S. prices despite the relative equalization of currencies. Anyway, hats off to AllClad!