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Aug 27, 2008 07:26 AM

A couple of days in Portland, Maine

Where are some of the best places to grab lunch and dinner...
any great gourmet food shops or must try places that specialize in one great item?

any suggestions would be apprecaited

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  1. This board is FULL of such suggestions, which I won't repeat. However, there's consensus that "Duck Fat" for lunch is not to be missed.

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      Eat at Duckfat on Saturday. 35 minute wait from walking in the door till served. pretty busy. Had the Duck Confit panini as well as the duck fat fried ff with the local Portand beer. nice lunch. frys good but thought panini to be a bit dry. wonder if could have had tomatoes added as they did look good on the other orders coming from the kitchen. fun place.

    2. as said, lots of suggestions...and debate, so be sure to search.

      lots of shops for searching out your own goodies. sort of by geography:

      right across from Duckfat is Miccuci's, a nice italian market with a great bakery out back...go early. a few blocks up, Coffee by Design coffee roasters and Two Fat Cats bakery ("related" to fore st and street & co.) Ribolitta, right in that block, is great for a cozy, rustic italian dinner...a little less upscale than some of the more noted spots in town.

      in the middle of the old port, Novare Res is a great spot if you really love beer...they have a nice outdoor patio and some cheese, antipasto and light sandwiches for a "nosh" (they may not open until 4)

      down on the waterfront, Harbor Fish for lots of fish and shellfish...always 5 or 6 varieties of oysters. and a few blocks south, still on the waterfront, is Brown Trading Company for caviar, smoked salmon etc. up a few blocks on pine st, Aurora Provisions for soups, sandwiches.

      on saturdays, at deering oaks park (and wednesdays in monument square,) is a serious farmer's market which i imagine is beginning to get crazy this time of year. on the deering oaks side of town, Rosemont Market on brighton ave. for cheese, wine baked goods. Great Lost Bear on forest ave for meh food but great beer and really nice natives. up the block, RSVP for great beer selection. and on deering ave, Bayou Kitchen for breakfast or lunch.

      there are also tons of wine tastings, etc. going on all the time if you like that sort of foodie fun...check out link at bottom for events

      on a finer dining note, my very chowie mom and dad recently enjoyed Bresca very, very much. they have visited Evangeline twice now and although they were extremely happy with their experiences, they seemed a touch more enthusiastic about Bresca. we are all really big Hugo's fans as well and have never, once, been unhappy with the offbeat, upscale adventure there. also, i'll throw in Miyake for OUTSTANDING sushi, with Yosaku second.

      have fun and report back!

      another resource:

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        thanks Merr for reminding me of my visit to Miccuci's. what a great italian deli. I find items there that sometimes can't find in NY. additionally, the book store next to Hugo, Rabelais, they sell only cook books. all near Duckfat. if you are still hungry after Ducfat, Amatoe;s is around the corner up the block from Miccuci's ( India Street). have fun

        1. re: martyl9

          Thanks for the recs...we have never been to Portland, so completely in the dark, this provides us with a great jumping off point....

          thanks again

          1. re: jvish

            If you want to be up-to-the-moment hip, be sure to stop by the Grill Room for a Sazarac. Preferably one crafted by John.