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Aug 27, 2008 07:00 AM

Help me transform deviled egg or egg salad into something exciting...

This dish is requested by the hostess and I find it so ho-hum. Please share any interesting adaptations.

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  1. Do you mean adaptations to the standard recipe, or new ways to use it? You could always try stuffing an artichoke with egg salad.

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      My husband makes some wonderful devilled eggs with wasabi for spice and salmon roe on top (though we usually only do 1/2 the eggs w/ roe because some folks are squeamish.) They are always a big hit. He has also used adobo, which was good, but less popular.

    2. This has been covered many times in the past. Here are probably more ideas in these two threads than you mayl ever

      1. There are ways to make even the ho-hum exciting. My egg salad, for instance, contains diced celery, shallots, thyme, mustard and sambal oelek. It's spicy, umami and hardly ho-hum.

        1. You could try an interesting deviled egg dip and serve it in an ostrich eggshell with endive, celery, or pita.


            I have meant for ages to try this recipe by Jacques Pepin. Looks very easy to do and sounds delicious. Basically stuffed eggs that you fry face down and serve with a sauce.
            His mother, Jeanette, used to make it for him.