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Aug 27, 2008 05:12 AM

Thanksgiving Dinner in Williamsburg

My family and I will be in Williamsburg the week of Thanksgiving so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of places that wouldn;t be too hokey but also not too stuffy. I didn't have much luck on the Southern board so figured I would try Mid-atlantic although technically chowhound cuts that off at MD. We are 5 adults and two well-behaved but picky girls aged 5 and 8.


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  1. Are you looking for meals in general, or Thanksgiving dinner specifically? As far as meals in Colonial Williamsburg itself, I've always enjoyed the taverns. I don't think they are hokey, though I am not a picky 8-year-old ;) Each has a different vibe, and I think you will want to read about them on CW's official site. Chowning's is very lively, but not hokey, and I think it would be the most fun for kids while still being good for adults. For Thanksgiving Dinner itself, if you want something fancy, I'd recommend the Williamsburg Inn (make reservations NOW!). I haven't been there for any holiday, but in general have always thought it a lovely place. I suspect all the restaurants will do something for the holiday, though, so you can probably take your pick.

    Check out their official web sites...

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      It's for Thanksgiving specifically since the rest of the time we will probably be cooking as we'll have a kitchen. Thanks for the recommendations! That all sounds good

    2. Also look at Kingsmill They always have something planned for holidays and the setting is gorgeous. If you eat early enough, you can take a walk down by the river afterwards. Even if the meal is in one of their ballrooms, it will be special. Their banquet food is wonderful.