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Aug 27, 2008 04:49 AM

Prince of Ales

Anyone else been to this 'new' place where VOX used to be?

Went a few weeks back, a week after it had first opened. At that time, the beer list was something you'll basically get at any large chain restaurant and the server we had was laughable - couldn't list off the beer they had on tap, couldn't tell me what was in bottle and then couldn't desribe for me the one beer I hadn't heard of and wanted to try.

The menu sounds good, basic bar/pub food, with a couple of interesting twists. We tried one of the flatbreads - toppings were good, but the 'flatbread' was a pizza dough rolled out, not my idea of a flatbread, more like a thin crust pizza.

Have not been back since, wanted to find out if anyone else has, have they expanded their beer list? Has the food gotten better? Has the service? It was only a week in, and I know how difficult opening a restaurant is, so I want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Haven't found any place in that area that tops Betty's for a beer list! Too bad it's dirty, dirty,

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  1. Based on what I've heard from two people who've been there, as well as the profile on Martini Boys, it sounds like they're sticking with a horribly boring beer line-up of mostly Molson products and imports that they represent (Canadian, Coors Light, Rickard's, Heineken...).

    In fact, the only "ales" on the beer list that I saw were two Rickard's beers - all the rest are yellow fizzy lagers, with the exception of Creemore. Might as well be a Firkin or some other faceless chain pub.

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    1. re: gregclow

      Yeah, I was really excited when I saw this place opening because from the name I thought it would be a serious beer place like Smokeless Joe's or Volo or C'est What. I was disappointed to see that bland Firkin-esque beer list. Betty's and the Mill St. Brewery are both very close and have far superior beer lists. Haven't tried the food, though, so I can't say how it compares. For service, I'm willing to allow them a bit of time for "growing pains". For now.

      1. re: Gary

        I've been there three times and am also unimpressed with the beer menu. It is pretty bland. My office is on the same street as this place but I rarely go there because it's often empty. The food isn't bad. It's just that the atmosphere is a bit weak. And yeah, the beer menu is well, what the??? 11 lagers and 1 ale? Again what the??? I noticed that Tetley's has been on a chalkboard for weeks as "coming soon". That would be good but why the weeks of teasing? (I'm part British!) I've had it at Betty's down the road so it can't be a stock issue. I I just don't get it. It's too bad because the location and patio are awesome. Hope whoever owns the joint makes it through the winter!

        1. re: Surfette

          I had a Thai noodle salad at this place that I happily forgot about until now.

          1. re: Matt Cohen

            This place is now closed, seems like they couldn't pay the rent!

            1. re: Pebbles

              That is a real shame. I really took a liking to this place. Yeah, the beer list never got any better but the service greatly improved, as did the food. Th epatio was good and weekend brunch was quite cheap and very tasty. Damn, another one bites the dust.

            2. re: Matt Cohen

              There are better places around. I visited once for a pint and received very mediocre and indifferent service. The beer list was boring. On top of that they tried to "shill" themselves on multiple online boards when they opened (including this one) while simultaneously trashing a local favourite, Betty's, which is miles ahead of them in terms of beer, food, service and atmosphere. Finally, they littered the neighbourhood with hundreds of flyers on light poles.

              If they'd focused more on a beer list that lived up to their name, and made their customers feel welcome, maybe they wouldn't have needed to resort to that sort of foolishness. I feel bad when anyone's business fails, but... may the next tenant have better luck.

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