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Aug 27, 2008 02:06 AM

Authentic Thai in London


a friend has a hankering for authentic thai food - nothing too expensive (Nahm) or fast food (Busaba)

any suggestions as to where to go in central or south west london?



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  1. I was recommended to try Chiang Mai in Soho by a Brit resident of Thailand a little while ago. It was his London fave and I must say it was fantastic. Reviews on usual sites I expect.

    1. Try Number One Cafe in North Kensington.

      I am by no means an expert, but it is the best Thai I've had in London.

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      1. re: dexters

        A very good place, dexters. A more central option could be Muang Thai in Chalk Farm, which isn't BYOB but is still very good and cheap.

      2. Depending on how far west you are willing to go, there's 101 Thai around Hammersmith for Isarn-style Thai food.

        1. Reun Thai at 100 Fulham Palace Road in Hammersmith serves great Thai food. Starters good but the noodle dishes are great..ask for spicy and you get Thai spicy!!
          Panang & Massaman curries also excellent.
          Lovely friendly service and BYO! Admittedly I haven't been for 8 or 9 months but it used to be a real gem.

          1. The best I have found for cheap and good Thai is Thai Rice at 303 Portabello Road, but I am interested in hearing others suggestions as well as inexpensive Thai is one of the things that I think London does not do that well


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              Definitely try 101 Thai kitchen in Hammersmith. I had one of the best Thai meals of my life there. It was comparable with a meal I'd had in Sripraphai in Queens, NYC.

              1. re: Nii

                agree abt 101 thai kitchen, esp if you order off the specials board that's written in thai (they're happy to translate for you)

                  1. re: t_g

                    Also not to miss their Isarn menu, a page or so at the back that lists all the Isarn dishes.