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Aug 27, 2008 01:50 AM

Ready meal.

Due to a combo of circs I was obliged to have a (very rare this) ready meal last night and it was Waitrose Lamb Shanks which were fantastic. I've cooked Lamb Shanks dozens of times and never got anywhere near the lovely glossy, dark, rich and savoury gravy/sauce that Waitrose produced.
Anyone got any tips please? Is it just lots of redcurrant jelly?


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  1. You might have more luck on the home cooking board, do you still have the box with the ingredients list?

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      Rather UK specific this one, but I suppose it might get moved over.

      Here are the ingredients:

    2. I have a terrific recipe that produces a fantastic sauce. It uses balsamic vinegar, and is one of the few dishes I can always rely on to be a success. Mine has no jelly at all. I guess the place for it is on the home cooking page, but heck... we're all buddies over here. I'm at Just write and I'll ship it right out to you or anyone else with interest.