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Aug 26, 2008 11:21 PM

Sushi in Greece?

How's sushi on Greek islands and Athens? I wonder if their abundance of seafood translates to good raw fish.

I heard about Nobu in Mykonos, but we aren't sure if they're worth the (apparent) high price.

We'll be going to Mykonos, Naxos, Santorini and Athens in mid to end of Sept.


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  1. Nice sushi in Athens tends to be ridiculously expensive. There aren't so many places, but Kiku in Kolonaki is generally considered the best. It is pretty quality, but considering the rarity of good sushi in Athens, you might need to make a reservation. Also- it is closed through August as many places in Athens are.

    12 Dimokritou St, Athens

    I didn't notice any places on Santorini, but they do have a slow food place called 1800 which is very worth checking out.

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      We ended up having sushi rolls in Santorini at an Asian fusion restaurant called Karma. A California roll was 12 Euro for 6 pieces, but it was great!

      We had some nice dessert there too - a "Santorini" dessert with tomato paste - it was one of the most creative and enjoyable dessert we had on our trip. That's saying lots because we were also in Paris, which serves some heavenly desserts too.

    2. I have eaten sushi at Furin Kazan for years and find it delicious, and fresh perhaps a little pricey but well worth it (probably cheaper than Kiku). I never once got sick there either :-)

      It is located at Apollonos, just below Syntagma.

      Personally I would avoid eating it on the islands.... much of the fish here is imported in the end sadly.

      1. Furin Kuzan all the way (it's ujst right off of Ermou St). I lived in Athens for a year and went frequented this place - it's legit. And I am used to top notch sushi in California.
        The entire staff is Japanese..

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          For fresh decently priced sushi, "Dosirak" Japanese Korean restaurant near Syntagma (Voulis 33) is wonderful. Very few tables and you will see that at least 90% of the customers are Asians.
          Good mainstream standard sushi is at "The Sushi Bar" in Psyhiko.
          And if you're willing to splurge, "Matsuhisa" is amazing and consistently lives up to its reputation.(in the hotel Astir Palace in Vouliagmeni).

        2. The "My Sushi" at Kolonaki (Ploutarchou & Karneadou street) is great! Not expensive, cozy, nice manu, fabulus crispy duck salad. Also the Suchi Bar chain in Neo Psychiko, Pangrati, Glyfada and Paleo Faliro, also offers very good value for money. The "Athinorama" magazine and website ( is a good place to look (sadly, in Greek only)

          1. I highly recommed Nobu on Mykkonos. I eat often at Nobu and Nobu 57 in NYC, and I think the Mykonos location is even better than his restaurants in NYC. On top of the fantastic sushi, you also can't beat the beautiful outdoor, poolside setting overlooking the Agean. Have been to Mykonos 3 times now (each visit for a week) and eaten at Nobu at least twice each time. Definitely worth it.