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Aug 26, 2008 11:21 PM

Indian food on the Westside

We are not Indian food experts, but would like to go out with a group of 6 for dinner. What is a good place that is not pure vegetarian and serves wine? It does not need to be fancy, but we do not want a take-out window type place. Anywhere from La Brea to Sepulveda would work. Thinking of Jaipur, India's Grill or Surya. What do you recommend?

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  1. My favorite is Nawab on Wilshire, but maybe that's too far west (Wilshire and 16th in SM)?

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      It's been a long time since we went but we loved East India Grill at 345 North La Brea. Very nice patio and great Naan. Not the cheapest Indian food around but never had anything we didn't like.

      Around the corner is India's Oven. Not as fancy (or expensive) as EIG, but we always enjoyed our food there. It's at 7231 Beverly Blvd. Very plain decor, nothing fancy but clean and pleasant.

      Those are the only Indian Restaurants we went to when in the area.
      No idea if either place changed ownership or declined in quality. Maybe another CH will be able to update us on these places.

      If you go to either of these, please report back, I'd love to know how they are now.

    2. I would try All India Cafe on SM blvd, if it's the same as the one in Pasadena, my husband & I used to enjoy it frequently, excellent vindaloo.

      1. Definitely Surya! It's an upscale, clean space, the service is always quick and polite, and a wine list. I particularly like that you can order their dishes as an "entree" or a "dinner" (which comes on a plate with sides of dal and chickpeas). Of late, my favorite dish there is the Rogan Josh.

        1. Just a couple of nights ago I ordered takeout from Jaipur. It was awful. I got the chicken tikka masala and it was bland. I have had it there before and it was fine. I have yet to try any appetizers from there that I like.