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Aug 26, 2008 10:37 PM

Any good spots in the Bathurst & St. Clair area?

I'm moving from Ottawa to Toronto in a few days and will be in the Bathurst & St. Clair area. Wondering if there are any good places to check out?

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  1. If you're willing to walk a few blocks west, you could try Ferro - a casual Italian place.

    The pizzas are quite good and are around $12 each (though I ordered one with arugula and essentially got a pizza with a massive salad on top...a bit of a surprise). I've also had some decent pasta dishes there - they're a few dollars more than the pizzas. My favourite thing is the mushroom bruschette. It's heavy, rich and delicious!

    1. I second the vote for Ferro. Very casual but excellent chow. Try the Vitelo Salad as an appetizer - it has a thin but tender piece of grilled veal on top of a green salad and is big enough for two. They have a spicy pizza with hot peppers and sausage that is outstanding, as are most everything else.

      1. Eastern Twist
        Albert's Real Jamaican
        Dutch Dreams ice cream parlour
        El Fogon Peruvian
        Churrasco of St Clair