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Aug 26, 2008 10:31 PM

Vios in Ravenna?

Who's heard the scoop on Vios moving into half of the space where Third Place Books is on 65th? Yes, displacing Honey Bear and that awesome pub downstairs, so the rumor goes. Anyone got the low-down?

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    1. re: vanillagorilla

      No, Third Place isn't closing. But they're undergoing some renovations and I think they're splitting up their current floorspace to accommodate for another business. Right now they have a Honey Bear inside the Third Place, and it looks like they're separating the two spaces officially. I had heard half of it was going to Vios, but that's what I'm trying to find out.

      1. re: demerdeuse

        According to a sign by the cash register, the top floor will be a cafe and restaurant (two spaces) and the bottom will remain a pub.They're removing a bunch of bookshelves to accommodate the expanded food space and adding a bank of windows along the west side of the building. I assume that Vios will run the restaurant, but I don't know about the others.And the Honey Bear cafe at Ravenna will cease operations at the end of the month, but the pub will remain open.

    2. I got the scoop! I went to the new Vios last night with a friend of mine who was in town from SF and it was wonderful! Vio's (marketplace from Capital Hill) has opened a sister restaurant in the old Honey Bear Bakery spot at Ravenna's Third Place books. They're also supplying food to the pub downstairs too and what a vast improvement that is! They have these amazing ribs and hummus at the pub that is a lot more delicious than crusty mac and cheese. And the food in the cafe itself is awesome too.

      If you order any of the following in the cafe - I would be shocked if you didn't agree with my 5 star rating:
      dip sampler plate with the sheeps milk number, kalamata olive dip and tzatziki = sublime, Greek salad with FRESH sweet tomatoes and lots of feta - delicious! Lamb Giovetsi and the Chicken Sausage Pasta and we managed to polish off two of their very authentic desserts the rice pudding and the galakaboureko (spelling) I was beyond impressed.

      I can't imagine what more you would be looking for in a neighborhood cafe setting than a sweet staff (our waitress was ashley and we adored her) a kids play area, free wireless and fast delicious food. Check it out!

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      1. re: elektrad

        Seconded. We've been there three times already.

        Old Vios favorites (Octopus salad! Lamb burgers!), and things I don't remember from the other place, like little flatbread pizzas (a mushroom one was quite tasty.) Highly recommended.

        Haven't been there for breakfast yet, although I think they open at 8am -- anybody know what they're doing?

        1. re: elektrad

          Yes, Vios does have good food, but unfortunately it has totally changed the atmosphere of Third Place. The bookstore and cafe are not as relaxed and the setting has gone from a community/neighborhood shop to a cramp bookstore with a wannabe upscale restaurant with sluggish service. I will be back to Third Place many times and will give Vios a couple more tries but I don't feel the same community feeling returning anytime soon. All I hope is that the new addition will not affect the pub too much. All I see now is that the veggie options in the pub have tanked.