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Aug 26, 2008 10:04 PM

DINNER for 20

I will be in town for the film festival, and need to find a restaurant for a dinner after my film screens. Will be around 20 people. The place should be great food and pleasant surroundings, but would be nice if it weren't very corporate, but rather was comfortable and hip. Also moderate in price. Location should be around the festival - downtown/university, near the lake. Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Do you have a preference for type of cuisine? And can you clarify what you mean by moderate? Not sure where you're coming from and Toronto pricing may be more or less than you're used to.

    1. Also what is your film about... might be nice to go somewhere that goes with the movie... and what day of the week are we talking?

      1. Hi, here are a few places off the top of my head. Will add more as I think of them. I am pretty sure that they can cater to a group that size, but restos get crazy-busy during the festival, so best to call and book now! Sorry I don't have time to include links, but all can be found doing a google search:
        The Gladstone Hotel (Queen West)
        Czehoski (Queen West)
        Terroni on Adelaide (this may be a great choice actually - upscale pizza and pasta, it's fun, hip, young crowd, interesting decor, I know they have a couple of neat private dining areas - one is called l'ufficio - the office)

        Also, to give you an idea on price, it seems moderate is getting harder to come by these days. Terroni is considered an inexpensive place to eat, but even so, went with a girlfriend last week, we each had an app and a main, shared a dessert, a couple glasses of wine each, and at the end, incl. tax and tip, we each threw in 70 bucks.

        Will send more as I think of them...