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Aug 26, 2008 08:20 PM

Any Chinese Wedding Banquet Venue Suggestions? (300-350 people)

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to have a Chinese wedding banquet that will accomodate around 300-350 people?

We have checked out different places in the Markham/Richmond Hill area and liked Spring Villa but would be pushing it based on the small size of the restaurant. Food flavour is a big factor for us and so we are leaning more towards a chinese restaurant versus a catered banquet hall since we would rather have the food cooked on the premises.

Has anyone been to a wedding at Spring Villa? How did you find it?

Some key things that we are taking into account are:

- tastiness of food (menu must include crab claws!)
- price (would like to keep it to around $100 a head)
- cleanliness (esp if the washrooms look really old/rundown)
- size (need to hold between 300-350 people)
- decor (not to busy or tacky)

thanks, any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. What about Casa Victoria ? But $100 (tax + wine included ?) may be too tight in there ...

    Have not been to wedding at Spring Villa, but were there dinner for couple of times including some banquet. Quality is ok but not excellent.

    1. My fiance and I are looking into banquet halls too. We're still deciding on what we can possibly do for our wedding reception. So far, we've nailed down a couple of choices, and with around 350-400 people, we figured that our best bet would be a banquet hall, rather than a traditional Chinese Restaurant. We've been to a couple banquet halls in the same region as you. Have you tried out the following?
      - Markham Event Centre
      - Grand Baccus
      - Hilton Suites
      - La Rosa

      1. I had my wedding at Spring villa 4 years ago, the service was great. the manager still remembers us now. We brought ur wine & pop etc...n just pay corkage fees ($25 per table?) My friend had her wedding there this May, the rest. has renovated - much nicer than when i got married there - the food was great, n from what i hear from my friend, they are pretty accommodating.
        Oh yes, I remember we changed one or two courses in one of the banquet menu - so they are flexible. that way u can tailor the menu to ur taste n price range.

        Another good banquet hall would be Shangri-la, the decor was very nice (been to a wedding there eariler this month) It is quite expensive I hear...but you can always chk it out.

        (sorry for short forms n spelling mistakes... i'm typing w/one hand n hold'g a newborn in another) =P

        hope this helps

        1. My husband and I had our wedding at Spring Villa on Woodbine just about three years ago and we loved it! I think we paid appox $85 per head and we had a little under 100 people - so if you're planning 300-350 it may be tight. And yes my menu included the crab claws, the decor wasn't too busy or tacky and it's clean - even the little room for the bride to change in. Now if you're on a budget, you can ask them to bring you're own alcohol and you only have to pay a corkage fee, I think it was $10 for us. We managed to bring our price per person down to $85 from their most expensive menu by purchasing our own beverages - they're very negotiable like that!

          Now I used to work at the Hilton Suites and they do a really good Chinese Banquet and can accomodate the size you're looking for but it'll be pricey and you have to book way ahead of time. It's been almost 8 years but the food was good since I last went to a Chinese Banquet there.

          Hope this helps!

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          1. re: jeannieh20

            Thanks everyone for your feedback and suggestions :)

            We still haven't made up our minds yet though. We went to check out some of the banquet halls mentioned but think we are leaning more towards a chinese restaurant. We like everything so far about Spring Villa except our families are worried that it will feel too cramped as the restaurant is L-shaped and the optimal number of tables to have in there is 30. We will end up probably needing to have tables covering the dancefloor and then opening it up later.

            Someone recommended Dragon Dynasty at Brimley and Huntingwood to us based on the size - it's bigger and can hold more tables, but not too big so we would still be able to meet the mininum spend to get the whole restaurant.

            Has anyone had a wedding or been to one at Dragon Dynasty? We would love any feedback as we are now trying to decide between the two and weighing out the pros and cons of each.

            Thanks again!

            1. re: snackula

              Been to a wedding banquet at Dragon Dynasty about two years ago. Food quality definitely BETTER than Spring Villa. The latter, I just ate there last week and found the food very mediocre! However, I recently heard from a foodie friend that there was a change in management at DD about a year ago, so things might be different. But food is still very good!
              I'll be attending a wedding banquet at Casa Victoria next weekend. Heard the food is really great there. Will try to give you a head's up after the function.

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Hey Charles, yeah, Pease let us know how you like the food at Casa Victoria. I found only the more expensive food are good there.

                I find the food quality of a wedding banquet really depends on the price of the banquet set, maybe they paid more attention to the one who spend more ?! I have attended 2 wedding bandquet at Golden Court this summer, one is a cheaper set and one is the top of the line set. I found the food is like from two different restaurants, even on some of the dishes that are similar !

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Well, things have been changing there, if not the management. They've built a canopy outside .. and the mall inside is changing too. It looks quite good though, the restaurant, for Scaborough... haha.. :P

            2. Have you looked into Diamond Banquet Hall at First Markham Place? My husband and I just had our wedding reception there about a month ago and had a fantastic experience. All our guests raved about the food and the service was excellent. We didn't have crab claws but there are menus that include crab claws and are in the $100 per head range. You should also be able to substitute crab claws into whatever menu you choose if you wish. The restaurant can definitely fit 300-350 people if you can get the entire restaurant which is a nice rectangular shape so that all your guests will be able to see the action. The decor is also very nice and new since the restaurant is only a couple of years old. We were so pleased with the entire experience in dealing with the restaurant for our reception. The reception was definitely the only part of the wedding that I was confident would go perfectly (and it did!).