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Aug 26, 2008 08:10 PM

What to use for roasting vegetables

I recently bought two pounds of fresh Hatch chiles and later realized, oh cr** how am I going to roast this many. I don't have a BBQ grill and my oven isn't working very well.
After looking through several stores with BBQ gear I found a functional 'grill basket' at Bed, Bath, & Beyond:

It actually worked pretty well on my gas range, roasting four chiles at a time (two over each burner). The wire 'mesh' is constructed of fairly fine gauge wire which heats and cools quickly.

However, the mesh is kind of flimsy and doesn't hold the vegetables very firmly; when I flip the basket the chiles sometimes slid to one side and had to be repositioned. I had to figure out the optimum height above the burners and what could hold it in place. I ended up using the dimpled end of a meat pounder to hold one edge and rested the other on the raised edge of the range.

What works for you, indoors or outdoors?

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  1. I just line them up on a roasting pan, lined with foil if you wish, and broil them with the rack in the top position, putting the chiles about three inches below the broiler element. Watch them closely and as they blacken on top, turn them to expose new skin to the heat. Works great.

    1. I lay them on the gas burner that is part of my outdoor grill. I rotate them with tongs. If you have a gas stove you are all set. You can skewer them to hold them at the best height and rotate, too. I've also used a propane torch.

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        Likewise on the torch!! Haven't used it for plumbing as much...