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Aug 26, 2008 07:48 PM


Who has the best bowl of Chirashi in town?

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  1. This is one of my favorite dishes and I've had it just about everywhere downtown and north. What makes a good bowl for you? Price, selection of fish, texture of rice? My long time favorite is Origami (in Round Rock at 620 and 35) and I've suffered through many a bad service to have this. It's the best to me because of the taste of the fish and the steller sweet, but not to sweet rice. My new favorite is Momiji (620 and 183). The huge roe was melt in your mouth good. The pieces of fish (except for the shrimp) were as thick as I've seen in this dish in Austin. It's also pretty good at Sushi Sake (183 and Capital of TX) though I like other things at that restaurant more. It's also generally good at Hakata in Pflugerville, but call to make sure the main cook is working. It used to be a good deal to get this at Ichiban, but the sushi has not been great the last couple of times I've tried it. It's terrible at Mikado, which is a shame and mainly due to the rice.

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      It's also one of my favorite dishes. What makes a good bowl for me is good sushi rice and the selection of fish and freshness of the fish. I tried it a Momiji last Saturday and was not impressed with their Chirashi at all. The fish was not that fresh. Hayashi (183a / 1431) does a much better job, the fish is super fresh and it was overall tastier.

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        Sorry you had a bad experience at Momiji. Maybe they're just better during the week because when I ate there last weekend I was a little disappointed in the sushi selection also. The roe was still great though. I've never seen Chirashi on the menu at Hayashi, perhaps because I've just gone for lunch. I'll have to try it out.

        Another place I forget to mention is Chon Son on Wells Branch between 35 and Mopac. The fish has always been very freash and the rice though a bit more seasoned than normal is quite good. If the main chef (and part owner?) is working the presentation is really special too. Be sure to order the Wakame (if you like that of course) it's divine.

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          They have it at Hayashi. It's not on the menu, but you can ask for it. I also had another friend try Momiji and he said it was mediocre at best, so that's scaring me from trying it again. I think Osaka on Anderson Mill is worthy alternative to Momiji.