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Aug 26, 2008 07:42 PM

Ogunquit dinner, The Front Porch and Where else?


We are a group of 5 that visit Ogunquit every year for a long weekend. We usually go to Roberto's on Friday and recently, we have been going to The Front Porch on Saturday. TFP is very good and we can't wait to go back but we've decided to ditch Roberto's this year and try something new. 2 in our group are over 80, so the place would have to be fairly accessible and not too far. We tried Five-O one year but the parents didn't like it. The same goes for Gypsy Sweethearts which was good but no "wow." It seems that the following are good choices:

98 Provence (we love this place, but it might be too romantic for us and the folks)

Since we only have the one night, which would you chose? Anything not on the list that we should consider? By the way, Arrows is just WAY too overpriced for this crowd.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. From your list, I'd recommend Joshua's. Be sure to make reservations. I haven't tried Prime, but I've heard mixed reviews. (Looking forward to trying it for myself soon.) 98 Provence is another good choice. I wouldn't say it's too romantic for a group. I'd also suggest MC Perkins Cove, owned by the Arrows folk, but more affordable -- and the view is spectacular.


    1. We were in Ongunquit a couple of weeks ago and had a very good and reasonably priced meal at Prime. Portions were large and sides come with the meal which is unusual for a steak place. We will definitely return there.

      1. Angelina's, loved it, I wrote a review of our dinner there, you can search for it. :) We ate there this spring.

        1. MC Perkins Cove is great- why not on your list? As to accessible, there is one handicapped parking spot right in front of the restaurant MC) and an open elevator from there to the entrance to the restaurant- no need to climb stairs. AS OgtM says, great views also! Prime is very good but noisy. We dislike Angelinas- have had very mediocre food there. Varano's in Wells is a better choice if you are looking for Italian.

          1. I have eaten at all the places you listed and I think I would recommend as follows:
            Joshua's, good fresh fish, great vegetables grown from their own garden, good drinks;
            Angelina's, always loved the place as well as the food;
            I have eaten at Prime and do like it--it isn't a real wow for me; the bar area is good, great bartenders, but extremely noisey;
            98 Provence is always good; I wouldn't consider it too's a warm, cozy French barn feel with many families dining there;
            I would plase Jonathan's last--decent place, with just decent food;
            Just my opinion---MC's is nice, too. I especially like the upstairs area.