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Aug 26, 2008 07:22 PM

Hot meal at a fair price in Amsterdam?

I hear that food in Amsterdam is super expensive.... we're not going to have much time, so what's the best food on the go while there? Any tips?

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  1. In general? Do your best to avoid eating within 100 yards of a museum, a concert venue, or Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein, Centraal Station, the Red Light district, Dam Square, the Damrak, or Kalverstraat. Maybe even 200 yards is safer. There is good food to be had here at reasonable prices, but you MUST make an effort to avoid tourists, Argentinian steakhouses, anything that says it's "mexican", the 400 non-Italian pizza places in town, and fancy-looking noodle shops.

    some quick tips:

    Grab a "Turkish pizza" or lahmacun....2 euros 50, make sure to get it "with everything", basically a garlic/yogurt sauce and a spicy red salsa/sambal. It's hard to get a bad one, and the great ones are transcendent.

    Maoz also has great, cheapish falafel (4 euros? unlimited trips to their excellent salad station), there are 3 of them in town these days I think...don't be put off if you've tried an American Maoz, apparently they didn't translate their business very effectively into the American market....

    Also, you should track down some kibbeling, or fried cod/pollock. Look for a fish stand that says "Volendammer" on the sign...though not a guarantee of quality, it seems to help.

    don't forget frites: go to Vleminckx on the Voetboogstraat near Spui if you want to just cut to the chase and try the best.

    good luck!

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    1. re: markemorse

      Thanks so much for the recommendations everyone!!

    2. Around the corner from the Anne Frank house - towards the river.. there is a wonderful cart selling fresh herring and crab sandwiches. A Dutch friend took me there for lunch, and it was delicious.. not to mention cheap! We sat on a bench, did some people-watching. Life doesn't get much better. :-) I think there was a church on the corner.. if that helps with location

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      1. re: zuriga1

        I presume you mean the Westerkerk (Western Church), the huge Protestant church that looms over that entire neighbourhood: There are lots of carts and souvenir stands in the square outside the church. You are also close to Jordaan, a likely spot for good meals at a fair price.

        A question for Amsterdamers - any good cafeterias? In many cities there are public, private or semi-public cafeterias that can be a very good deal indeed for a hot meal, especially the noon meal. I was never actually looking for such things there, but imagine they must exist.

      2. Hi Murphy,
        If 'fair' doen't necessarily mean cheap, you might want to try the following (all (much) under 25,- though):
        Great authentic French: Bouchon du Centre at Falckstraat (do make a reservation, the place is very small, and they only serve early in the evening)
        Loup at Wolvenstraat, affordable modern cooking
        For authentic chinese: Wing Kee at the Zeedijk, or Nam Kee (quite cheap)
        Japanese: Zen at Frans Halsstraat (around 20,-)
        Argentine steak: La Brasa at Haarlemmerdijk.
        Authentic Dutch steak (with lot's of butter) and cheap: Loetje at Johannes Vermeerstraat.
        Surinamese: Albert cuyp at Albert Cuyp straat, try roti. Cheap and tasty.

        Bon ap!

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        1. re: Willem

          Nice one Willem...I second the Zen and Loetje recs, but prefer New King to Nam Kee these days myself....hard to go wrong either way. In the Zeedijk neighboorhood I also thing that Nyonya Malaysia Express is worth hitting for their roti canai....

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            thanx markmorse, I'll definetely go for the roti canai at Nyonya - I didn't know them yet...

        2. I will be there shortly and I'm looking foward to trying some down home, heavy Dutch cuisine whilst I'm there. Any thoughts on "Hap Hmm" "Moeder's Pot" and maybe even "Keuken Van 1870"

          1. There is a great Thai restaurant called Bird's Thai in what used to be the red light district (has a great reputation even though it seems like it's in a bad area). I recommend it!