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Aug 26, 2008 07:07 PM

San Jose / Mountain View: Tied House Cafe and Brewery - wild game burgers and sausages?

Any opinions on the food and beer? Both have beer gardens.

Modeled afte an English “tied house” which was a pub owned by a brewery and was allowed to sell only beer manufactured by that one brewery.

These are operated by the Redwood Coast Brewery.

There seem to be some interesting items on the menu which includes house-made alligator and wild boar sausages. They also make less-exotic chicken sausages with a different daily variety.

There are also wild game burgers such as buffalo, venison, elk and ostrich.
Looking at a fish and chip topic, someone mentioned the fish and chips are made with smoked salmon. Some other items that sound good ...

- The brewers platter has smoked trout, smoked salmon, ribs and sausages, with a variety of cheeses,

- spicy strips of catfish, grilled and served with sweet corn cakes, sour cream and Amber beer salsa

- french fries topped with Ironwood dark beer beef chili, cheddar and pepper jack cheese, finished with sour cream and chives

- baby back ribs smoked over cherry wood with house-made spicy or traditional bbq sauce

Sounds good. Any good?

Tied House Cafe & Brewery
65 N San Pedro St, San Jose, CA

Tied House Cafe & Brewery
954 Villa St, Mountain View, CA 94041

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  1. I have only been to the MV location. We go there fairly often for work lunches.

    The beer is pretty good. IMO, better than either Gordon Biersch or Rock Bottom. I don't think it is as good as the Los Gatos Brewery or Pyramid in Berkeley. They have an Amber which I particularly like, and usually have a seasonal beer on a rotating tap. Often that is a little different and worth a try.

    The food is pretty good, although not as good as the beer. I would actually be a little disappointed if I went to the food were better than the beer at a brew pub.

    They have a slamon and chips, although I don't recall the salmon being smoked. The do a lightly spiced batter style. Always moist and done well. If you are just going for Fish and Chips, then I would recommend Chri's in Los Altos over Tied House.

    The house made aligator and boar sausages are very good. The serve it as sort of a bangers and mash style.

    My wife loves the ostrich burger, although I find it a bit dry sometimes. It is so lean that you have to pull it off exactly at the right time. They can get busy, so every once in a while they miss. The Elk berger was much better than the ostrich in my opinion. Are elk fatter than ostrich???

    final analysis: I give it a B. B+ for beer. B for food.

    Better than Gordon Biersch, Rock Bottom, Pyramid.
    Not as good as Los Gatos Brewery.