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Aug 26, 2008 06:53 PM

Austin Grill Annapolis

Anyone been to the new Austin Grill in Annapolis? Heard they opened last week, but haven't made it out yet.

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  1. I had lunch there today and came away pleased. I had two enchilladas, one chicken and one cheese with rice & beans. Both were tasty and the beans were good. I'm not a real Mexican rice fan in general, but the rice seemed OK. The salsa & chips were good and we were *gasp* offered refills on both sodas and chips and salsa without having to ask.

    I'll definitely go back. It was a little pricey ($15/person w/tax+tip) for lunch, but worth going as a treat.

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        It's in Annapolis Mall, in the new section by Macy's.

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          Isn't the menu identical to all of the others in this chain?

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            Actually NO! Went in tonight for dinner and wow! This place couldn't be further from the little place i used to love in Old Town. Food=americanized, atmosphere=corporate. I'll give you the attentive staff, but why the shark on the wall? No oceans near Austin, right?

    1. We were at the mall the week before they opened and received an invite to go that weekend for a complimentary lunch or dinner when they test everything and work out the kinks. We were quite pleased with our meal. We tried the portabello fries appetizer, one of us had one rockfish taco and one chicken taco and the other had grilled salmon. The food was tasty. They actually asked how I wanted the salmon cooked and it was perfect - not underdone or overdone. The rice is a green rice with lots of cilantro. We also shared a flan for dessert, which I found ok but not exceptional. For us the price was right - $0 for appetizer, two entrees, dessert, and two iced teas. I think the total bill was about $37 so our waitress received a $10 tip from us.

      The staff was very attentive. Could be because they were in practice mode, but wait staff, clearers, managers, etc. came by repeatedly.

      Not a bad option for TexMex in the area. I wouldn't go out of my way to go there, but it's a nice option if we're at the mall and want a sit-down meal.

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        Sounds like the typical chain restaurant quality. I thought Annapolis wanted to go upscale?