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Aug 26, 2008 04:59 PM

Hector's on Henderson - Restaurant Week

I have reservations on Friday night, curious as to if anyone had any experience with Hector's during Restaurant week.

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  1. I actually visited Hector's on Henderson for the first time last Thursday for restaurant week and I went into it with high expectations since I had heard so many good things about that place. Needless to say I left VERY DISAPPOINTED. I didn't feel like the quality of food was worth $35. For starters the prawn with cheddar grits was just ok. The chicken fried chicken breast was bland and not exciting. The strawberry shortcake was very dry. All in all I could have had a better chicken fried steak at Norma's for $6.99. I give it two big thumbs DOWN!

    1. I visited Hector's on Henderson for the first time last Thursday for restaurant week also. I wasn't too crazy about with the 2 prawns with the cheddar grits. There wasn't much flavor on the grits either. It was so plain. I had the Hectors Stack which included sirloin steak, grilled sour dough, jalapeno bacon hashbrowns, fried egg, and cayenne hollandaise. Again I thought it was a bland. I expected more out of the steak. But was dissapointed. The Dessert was ok. It was nothing special. So all in all I wouldn't go back.

      1. wow...not exactly what i was looking for...perhaps i should take my friday night dining experience elsewhere...

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          Yea I've heard that maybe their restaurant week menu isn't up to par with their normal stuff on the menu. Try it out.......

        2. We went there last year during RW with another couple and did not enjoy it. They seated us in this makeshift covered patio on a plastic table and plastic chairs. The food was nothing special and we haven't been back. Hope your experience is better.