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Aug 26, 2008 04:51 PM

Feta Cheese

Last week I was in Duck and had an amazing watermelon salad at the Sanderling's Left Bank. I've been craving it ever since and tried to recreate it today. The main problem with my dish was the feta cheese I purchased at Whole Foods -- just too dry and dense. The Left Bank salad had a silky, light feta. Does anyone have recommendations on where to get good feta cheese? I live in Reston, so would prefer western Fairfax/Loudoun.

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  1. I can't help you with Virginia cheese sources, but there are a lot of styles of feta. The Whole Foods near me in Baltimore has more than one kind. If yours does as well, you might want to describe what you want to the cheese person and see what they recommend.

    1. What kind of milk was the feta you bought at WF made with? Feta can vary quite a bit depending on whether it is made with cow, sheep or goat. generally the sheep's milk versions are creamier. Try Arrowine in Arlington or Cheesetique.

      1. At my greek grocer it is kept in liquid and only pulled out and cut when you order it. This keeps it very light and moist and it won't dry out.

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          Prima Foods keeps their feta in liquid, at it is simply the best I have ever had since I began eating feta more than thirty years ago.

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              According to Google they are a distributor with a retail store in Baltimore.

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                Thank you Mrs. Wheatie-Prima is the very best, and I hump it there from Columbia at least once or twice a month to stock up on feta, Kalamata olives, and giardinera.

        2. martha, call the resto and ask. i'll bet they'd be happy to tell you the type, and maybe their source.

          i found a gorgeous fresh jersey cow's milk feta at the arlington farmer's market from the blue ridge dairy company -- which is located in leesburg. (their butter, mascarpone, and smoked mozz are equally fine!) younger, non-brined feta is going to be better for your purpose than aged, brined feta.

 (says also sold to local whole foods).

          that first link has phone and email. might be worth a fun trip to the dairy!

          otherwise, i get the israeli feta at trader joe's.

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            Blue Ridge is also at the Dupont farmer's market. I love it and will happily snack on it by itself -- something I've never done with other fetas.

          2. I would try Wegmans in Fairfax. They have a great cheese selection and the employees have been very helpful so I'm sure they could point you to which feta is the type you're looking for.