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Aug 26, 2008 04:35 PM

Downtown Detroit-1 night

Will be in the city tomorrow night, only staying one night. Staying at the Renaissance Center area. Where should I go eat? Ideally, nothing too formal, but am open to anything. Ideally, a decent bar/club atmosphere would be great.

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  1. Sweet Lorraine's in the Courtyard's by Marriott is good, kind of a fusion American menu. You can eat in the bar, and it's always busy. I get the pecan chicken, and the soups are good -- also desserts.

    A little farther from there, near the Greektown People Mover stop, is Sweet Georgia Brown's. It is a club with good southern food, and the scene is entertaining. The fried lobster is pretty amazing.

    There's also Small Plates, whose name is self-descriptive, and it's got a good vibe. Also, you might like Oslo, which is a sushi bar upstairs, and a club downstairs (although I think it's a club on weekends only.)

    1. Eat at the Bar at Bourbon Steak in the MGM Grand. Great atmosphere, better food.