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Aug 26, 2008 04:34 PM

New Uchi on the northside?

Read that Tyler Cole plans to open another store on the northside sometime soon...



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  1. "Cole revealed last week that he and his business partners are opening a second Uchi in North Central Austin, perhaps within months. They are currently negotiating for space, he said, which ideally would be between 38th Street and U.S. 183."

    I am excited about the second Uchi location and intrigued by the concept he's working on for downtown at the W Hotel opening in 2010. Per the Statesman, "His initial plan is to divide that space into three restaurants":

    1. Canteen, a restaurant blending the culinary traditions of Japan and Spain, particularly the Basque region

    2. a New York City-style bakery that changes emphasis through the day from breakfast in the morning to dessert at night

    3. an independent eatery such as a seafood establishment or a steakhouse.

    Hopefully he won't be spreading himself too thin. That would be a shame.

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    1. re: ridgeback

      "1. Canteen, a restaurant blending the culinary traditions of Japan and Spain, particularly the Basque region"

      I think this simply means izakaya, or at least I hope so. I was up in the Basque country earlier this year and I hope he don't mess around with their traditions !

    2. I finally just got to go to UCHI and it was fantastic, I was worried it was overly hyped, but no, everyone was correct. Very well executed dishes from begining to end and the coffee presses was such a great touch!
      I would love UCHI in N. area. I was happy to find out it is not quiet and romantic, how I envisioned, well behaved children could go there no problem. But I would bring there food-lol, pricey!!

      1. "Tyler" Cole is beginning his journey into Mario Batali territory if these rumors are true. I have faith in Tyson and his abilities, and I wish him continued great success.

        1. Just FYI, that's Midtown, not northside. Midtown is between Shoal Creek, Anderson, 38th, and Guadalupe. And his name is Tyson, not Tyler.

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          1. re: rudeboy

            i'm taking a wild stab at it, but i'm guessing tom was poking fun with tyler florence in mind. i could be completely wrong though!

            1. re: ktown378

              Oh, I know that Tom was - I was replying to the original post, not Tom's!!!

              1. re: rudeboy

                oops. sorry rudeboy! i wasn't paying attention. my apologies :)

              2. re: rudeboy

                What up with all tlhis? I live in the North Central area where TC is proposing to build another Uchi styled restuarant, per the AAS. I've never heard it referred to as "Midtown". But, the article in the AAS by DR, who is going to teach journalism to Aggies, is somewhat murky. After reading it several times it seems he is opening in two locatons. The Uchi style in North Central Austin and the other location near City Hall that will consist of the three type of eateries described by the OP. I might be posting all this for my benefit only but that is my understanding of what is going to transpire. The Uchi style place in North Central quite soon and the triad around 2010. C'est vrai?

                1. re: singlemalt

                  Singlemalt - I made up the area known as midtown. It isn't an official designation.

                  Or is it?

                  Where in Midtown is this new TC restaurant going to be, exactly?

                  1. re: rudeboy

                    Where in Midtown is this new TC restaurant going to be, exactly?

                    Quien sabe!

              3. The original comment has been removed